September 22, 2017

Through the Laundry...

I had a thought this morning that helped me see things from a different prospective.  One thought led to another, which led to another, and then to another.  And it all started with a pile of laundry.

This morning I walked into the laundry room and was immediately disappointed to see a big heap of dirty laundry, just sitting there, begging for my attention.  My first thought was, my work is never done.  I felt a little annoyed that even though laundry gets done most days, a new pile seems to mysteriously reappear every morning.

I walked away from it thinking I would come back to face it later.  I started washing the morning dishes and as I stood there it all became clear to me.  

I am that dirty laundry. I am a big heap of blemishes and flaws.  But my heavenly Father doesn't give up on me.  He doesn't lose his patience and throw his hands up in the air and walk away from me.  He's right there with me every morning.  He keeps on loving.  Keeps on giving.  He probably looks down from Heaven and sees the mess that I am but he keeps on working, shaping, and molding.  

I stood there thinking about that for a few moments then I walked back into the laundry room to start a load only this time with a better attitude and a blessed heart.
While I am working on the laundry, God is working on me. 
And that, my friend, should lift anybody's spirit.

Speaking of blessings, hubby was gifted some football tickets by one of our church members.  It's for our local college team.  Looks like hubby and I have a date for Saturday night.

Happy first day of Fall!


  1. God really is amazing. He never gives up, He never lets go. We know these things, we sing these things but isn't it great when we 'really know' these things - deep in our hearts. I've found God to be such a gentleman, never forceful or unjust but loving and full of care. He's amazing, be blessed. Have a great weekend. Cx

  2. What a beautiful post, it was a joy to visit.

  3. I too am very grateful that He never gives up on me . . . He loves me in spite of myself and what a mess I am. Have fun at the ball game :)

  4. Hi Beca, I know what you mean about the laundry and that is what I did after church all day today! I like the attitude you had about doing it though. I do hope you had fun with your husband.
    Enjoy the week.

  5. Great thinking, Beca. SO true!
    How fun to go to the football game! Eat popcorn! Drink cocoa! Football is a great fall activity.

  6. Those were happy thoughts to get you through the chores. Hope you enjoyed your date at the game!

  7. So inspiring, Beca! It's nice to have such happy thoughts to get through the dirty laundry of life! Hope you had a wonderful time with Hubby! Hugs xo Karen


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