October 22, 2012

Bless This Home

Bless this home and all who enter

 I love this quote! 

 It's appropriate any time of the year but it's especially meaningful this time of year.  With fall moving in and Thanksgiving approaching, the sentiment is to be thankful and to count our blessings. 

So when Vinyl 4 Decor offered this vinyl transfer as their $2.00 weekly special, I ordered it in a hurry.

I walked around the house wondering where to put it. 

 I have a tendency to buy things without knowing exactly what I'll do with it or where it will eventually go.  I don't worry about details like that until I get them home.  Then the fun part for me is finding a place for it.  

Is anyone else like that?  

This wall with the clock and the crosses seemed like a good spot. 

 Getting my letters laid out getting ready to apply them.

I just had to move one of the crosses over a little bit but it fit nicely.

 There it is in it's place.  I love the flair and interest it adds to the wall.  
I've been staying busy lately in preparation for Christmas time.  I've been doing a little canning.  I've canned strawberry jam, raspberry/blackberry jam, salsa, and raspberry jalapeno jelly.  I thought I'd make some baskets for family members.  I'll share pics with you soon.

Til next time,  


  1. I love the wall of crosses and the blessing vinyl. One of my favorite gifts are homemade. I am sure your family and friends will be thrilled with their basket of goodies.


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