January 2, 2020

Unboxing Succulents...

Sometimes I think I do my best thinking when I'm supposed to be sleeping. 
I often wake up very early in the morning, not because I want to, but for some reason I'm just wide awake at 2:00, 3:00, or 4:00 in the morning.  At that time it's really too early to get up and start the coffee so I just stay in bed and scroll through my favorite apps on my phone. 

That particular morning I came upon some lovely photos that sparked some inspiration.  They were photos of plants and succulents looking all pretty in their "not so traditional pots".  I think the hashtag I follow is "junkgardening", and that's when my idea hit.

These would make beautiful Mothers Day gifts for our church ladies.  

random Google search photos
 (Gift ideas are something a pastors wife is always thinking about.)

So I did a mad search online and found these succulents for sale on Amazon, 10 clippings for $13.  I had Prime membership over the holidays so shipping was free.  Not a bad price considering how large these clippings are.  There's no root system but they came already callused and ready to plant.

I plan to use other plants as well.  I have a few houseplants I can propagate that I think would work well for this purpose.

From here on out I will be on a mission to find all kinds of fun, vintage containers to use as planters.  I'll be shopping the thrift stores looking at things in a whole new way. 

 From box to planter, here they are in their new temporary homes.  
They're looking pretty already.

The trick will be keeping them alive.  I've had some experience with succulents and I think I've figured out how to take care of them.  A few years ago when I bought my first succulent I watered it like a normal houseplant.  Big mistake!  The leaves plumped up full of water and they all fell off and died.  

Then I was told to not water them at all, also big mistake.  They hold out for a while but then they dry up and die too.  So the key is to water sparingly, letting the soil dry out before watering again.  This may be a "duh" moment for some of you but I don't have a natural green thumb and this whole learning phase took a little bit of experimenting.

Many succulents had to die for me to get the hang of it, but hey, you live and you learn.  Besides, I am fairly confident that I've learned from my mistakes.

But, we'll see how this goes. 
Wish me luck.


  1. Happy New Year Beca. I love that idea of the plants as presents for MD. You did a great job with the plants and they look so pretty in the pots. Good luck with them.

  2. Hi Becca, I too am a fan of the wonderful family of succulents. I have all of mine planted outside, but I have found that they love containers, nice tight cozy places. The only times that I have had trouble growing them is when I haven't cozied them up in either a container or if in the flowerbeds with rocks tucked in around them. It looks like you have a lovely variety. Have fun shopping for containers :)
    Happy New Year!

  3. I saw your post on IG before coming here and was trying to remember who Mi Casa is but now I know. :) Forgot that you had changed your account name. I love succulents in different containers. Definitely will make very nice gifts. I bought one several years ago and unfortunately it did not survive. Guess I should try again. Happy new year!

  4. Plants are always a wonderful gift; better than flowers which soon fade and die. I'm not good with houseplants and all mine are artificial, but they look very real LOL Best, Jane x

  5. Such a wonderful idea, a real inspiration for gifts. Happy New Year. Thank you for your warm welcome back message.

  6. Hello!
    What a wonderful idea!!!
    Happy New Year!

  7. I just love succulents... one visit to my garden, and the secret is out, lol! I've found that they overwinter well in my cold climate, and propagate like crazy, so I use all kinds of containers to contain them. I've found, just like you, that not too much water, but enough, works well for them. Your succulents look wonderful all planted. It will be a lovely gift for the mothers in your congregation :) It may be hard to part with them by then, lol. Many blessings to you :)

  8. Such a beautiful thought to gift ladies in your church with these gorgeous living pretties. I know you will have oodles of fun hunting for pretty containers in the thrift shops. I must say I love the pretty tea cups that hold the succulents...such a fabulous idea.

  9. Your potted succulents look so pretty and will make wonderful gifts. I have some planted in a giant teacup planter.
    Thank you for your visit to my blog. Happy New Year to you!

  10. So pretty and I do love the gift ideas! I have a pretty one given to me as a hostess gift for helping with a baby shower. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. I do like your succulents.

    All the best Jan


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