June 29, 2013

New Listings

New items added to my Etsy shop
It's amazing how many things I finish and put aside and never get around to listing them on Etsy.  I think it's the picture taking that I don't like.  I have to take several photos to maybe get one good one.  But it was a beautiful day today and didn't mind spending some time outside with my camera.

If you have time please check out my Etsy shop.  There's a link on the right side bar.  

Also I've read that google friend connect will no longer be active.  I've added a bloglovin button so please be sure to follow me that way.  I'm wondering what is your favorite way to follow people? 

 Facebook, linky friends, ...

Any input would be much appreciated.  

Enjoy your weekend everyone!



  1. I really love that gray/pink/rose striped dress, so pretty! I like to follow with GFC and then read the blogs through my Blogger dashboard. I haven't ever used Google Reader, actually. So I hope GFC doesn't go away because this way works so well for me. If someone doesn't have a GFC gadget, I usually subscribe by email.

  2. Your dresses are just adorable! I love making little dresses too.

  3. You did a beautiful job creating all of those dresses. Take care.
    Julie from

  4. The dresses are gorgeous, but what captured my heart is the little crown! Precious!


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