October 16, 2013

Decorative Halloween Plates

Look what I found just in time for the Halloween season.  I was going through my garage yesterday looking for a pretty plate or charger to make a fall centerpiece for my table and I came across these plates I made last year.  They were stacked along with my other chargers and I was pleasantly surprised to see them because I had totally forgot all about them.  I originally blogged about these plates here.  
I don't normally decorate for Halloween since we don't celebrate it in our house but around this time last year I had a new Silhouette Cameo and was eager to play around with it.  I made a total of five plates.  I sold two of them last year and was left with three.  
I still think three is too many for me.  Do I need that many Halloween plates?  If I'd only found these earlier I would have done a giveaway.  I've been wanting to have a giveaway anyway.  This would have been the perfect opportunity.  But alas, maybe I can have a giveaway for Thanksgiving.  
I set up the boo plate in the den.  The witch plate is on my kitchen counter right next to a picture of my three (not so) little monsters.  The trick or treat plate I put in the living room.  
I'm so glad I found these just in time to add a little bit of seasonal fun to our home.  
I need to get back to crocheting.  I haven't started anything in a while but this cooler weather makes me want to whip out my yarn and crochet the day away.  If only there were more hours in the day...


  1. Beautiful ideas !
    Have a nice day !

  2. They're really cute! I'm sure you could sell the rest, people would love those.

  3. Hi Foxxy, cute Halloween plates.
    I know what you mean by there being not enough hours in a day. I have so many crochet projects in my mind and never enough time for them all.
    You have a wonderful weekend too.

  4. Those plates are fab, we don't decorate for Halloween either, but love what you've done :) xx

  5. Hi Foxxy I love the plates! They look so nice in your home! Have a great weekend. Julie 😃


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