December 9, 2013

Early Christmas Present For Me

Look what came in the mail.  It's a surprise...
...for me.
Back in October I joined a Secret Santa Swap hosted by Suzanne at  The Colorado Lady.  I thought it would be fun to shop for someone else and send them a cute little package in the mail and at the same time eagerly await one for me too.  Well... the wait is over.
My package has arrived!  Yay!
Let me show you what was inside.  
First was this sweet little Christmas card .  It says, "It was a pleasure being your secret Santa. Trust you will like what I chose for you.  I was surprised to learn we have so much in common.  Wishing you and family the best Christmas ever."  Isn't she sweet?  
All the gifts were wrapped so pretty.  There were quite a few of them in there too.  
I would have liked to have taken a picture of all of the gifts layed out on the table but as you can see, my youngest daughter was just as excited as I was to unwrap everything.
As  a part of the swap we had to fill out a questionnaire so our Secret Santa could know a little bit about us.  I wrote that I had a little dachshund dog named Penny.  I was tickled to find a little orange dachshund doggy in the first box.  
It's a pen too. Cute!!! There was also a pretty little bookmark in there too.
Eight perfectly wonderful vintage cookie cutters.  Love these! They are going in my big glass jar where I have all my other vintage cookie cutters.
A large cross with scripture.  So pretty!
I also mentioned in my questionnaire that I loved vintage linens.  Especially the kind that has embroidery work on it.  Well my Secret Santa didn't disappoint.  She sent me not one, but two of these vintage dresser scarves.
Three vintage doilies that are in excellent shape.
And another vintage embroidered dresser scarf.
Also in the box was this vintage embroidery hoop and a vintage needle card.
Inside it's full of needles of every size.  
Here's all the goodies all spread out.  I feel so special that I was the recipient of all these lovely treasures.
Although I don't know who my Secret Santa is, I know that she is a very generous and thoughtful person for putting all of this together for me.  I know she took great care to read every detail of my questionaire because everything in the box is something I wrote about.  I feel she understood me so well and hand picked everything just as I would if I were out shopping for myself.  There isn't anything that I don't absolutely love.  Thank you so much Secret Santa.  I'm pretty sure I got the very best one of them all. A big thanks also to Coloradolady for hosting the swap.  Can't wait to do it again next year.  It was a lot of fun!


  1. what gorgeous thoughtful presents! Julie x

  2. Lucky girl !
    Have a nice week !

  3. What a truly thoughtful Santa, that's a lovely gift you received. Have a happy week, xx

  4. What a lovely package. Your SS did very well. Love linens too. Joined in Suzanne's SSS for the first time, such fun!

  5. Your secret Santa sure rook good care of you!! All such lovely gifts!!

  6. What wonderful goodies you were blessed with!!

  7. what an awesome package.xx

  8. I wish that I had your address to send you a big HUG for being my Secret Santa this year. I enjoyed all of my gifts. I could tell that you really read a lot of my blog posts to find out what I really like. The doll was my favorite of course. I didn't have any ME dolls. I hope that you saw the pictures that I posted of her with the other girls, hah. I love the Shirley Temple paper doll book. I so remember playing with paper dolls. I don't know if you knew that my daughter was named Heidi after Shirley Temple. The slippers were perfect. We went to all wood floors this year and they feel so cold. They were so cute, too. I haven't tried the chili mix yet but will be this week. The coffee cup was perfect. I like big cups for my morning fix. The life savors were a fun treat. The little bell earrings were a hit. I have been wearing silver necklaces lately and had all gold earrings. SO thanks a bunch and you were a great Santa. I signed up to follow you and learn more about you. (((((HUGS))))) Happy New Year.


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