December 15, 2014

Gifts For My Nursery Workers...

How is everyone?
I've been away for a while now.  I'm still trying to adjust to my new life as an associate pastor's wife.  Life has been busy to say the least.  There is always so much that needs to be done.  It's been hard to find time to sit down and update my blog. I've neglected it a bit you could say.

 I haven't crocheted anything since we moved here six months ago so I'm afraid there is no yarnie goodness in today's post. Hopefully I can deliver that in the weeks to come.  Instead today I will share with you something I've been planning and working on for a few weeks now.
 I am the nursery director at our church and I was wanting to do something special for our nursery workers.  I thought a small gift would be a nice way to show our appreciation.
 After much thought I decided Bath and Body Works was the way to go.  I mean, who doesn't like Bath and Body Works?  
With all of their sales, promotions and coupons I was able to get nice gifts for all our ladies and keep costs down. Can't beat that.
 I even splurged a little on myself.  Friday they had the three wick candles on sale for eight dollars. I went with my oldest daughter who needed a few candles to give as gifts and I couldn't resist bringing one home for myself.  I even bought the pedestal too.  
 The scent is Merry Cookie and it smells heavenly.  I set it on the piano next to this snowman.  I thought they looked good together.
 Here are the nursery worker gifts all wrapped up and ready to give.  There is a good mix of hand soaps and lotions in all different scents. It is with our hands that we hold those babies, feed them, play with them, and change their diapers.  Might as well take good care of our hands and pamper them a little bit, right?
 I got the cellophane bags, tags, and ribbon there too. They were free.  Bonus!!
I also included these hand written tags.  I hope the ladies feel special when they get these.  I want them to know that they are special and appreciated. Without them the church wouldn't be able to function the way that it does. We all play an important role.

xx, Beca


  1. Nice gesture !!! They will be apreciated...
    Have a great week !

  2. It lovely to hear from you, it sounds as if you are settling into your new life, albeit a busy life. The nursery workers gifts are beautiful and very thoughtful thinking of their hands, a truly wonderful gesture. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. It is so good to hear from you! I hope that all is going well for you and that Christmas will be wonderful in your new home and church. Your gifts will be greatly appreciate I am sure! xx

  4. Hi Beca, it's so nice to see a post from you. I hope all is well. These are lovely gifts and I am sure the nursery teachers will appreciate them a lot.

  5. What a thoughtful idea and you are right, Bath and Body Works makes a nice gift. I'm sure the ladies will appreciate it very much. It's nice to see you posting again. Take care, Heather

  6. Hi Beca, that is the perfect gift for the nursery workers. They will love the Bath and Body Works! The packages look so pretty the way you wrapped them too. I hope things will settle down for you in the new year! Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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