March 17, 2015

Lilac and Teal...

Hello all!

Not a whole lot going on here.  I always start off my day thinking about all the wonderful things I want to accomplish that day but it rarely ever plays out the way I imagine it in my head.  Most days I can't get past the daily chores much less try to squeeze in anything extra.  If I do get anything crafty done it's minimal.

I have been playing around with some new yarn. 

A young lady friend of ours is getting married soon.  She's commented on one of my afghans before saying how much she liked it.  So I want to make one for her and give it to her as a wedding present.

She told me she likes lilac and teal.  There wasn't a big selection for yarn in the color teal.  I ended up buying this one.  It's called midnight teal.  It's darker than what I wanted but it will have to do.  I also picked up some gray and white yarn for a little contrast.

I don't have a pattern picked out yet.  I've just been playing around with a few squares and different color combinations.  

I haven't found anything that I love yet.  I don't know why I'm being so picky.  You'd think that I could just pick a pattern and go with it but everything that I've tried so far I haven't been happy with.  Everything's been so... blah!

The good thing is I'm not feeling rushed.  The wedding is set for May 10th so that should be plenty of time for me to whip one up once I decide on something.

In the mean time I'll just keep on searching...


 and looking...

 for that perfect wedding afghan pattern.

I'm off to visit your blogs.  I feel I need some inspiration.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.
Only three more days and it will be Spring!
Yay!  That's enough to make anyone happy.



  1. Hi Beca, I live the color combo yiu have chosen and the square is pretty. Whatever you choose it will be beautiful!

  2. Oh, I love the colors and the square is so pretty. I know you'll find a pattern you just love. You know, I start everyday thinking of all I will accomplish, and some days I'm lucky to just get through the normal tasks. What happens? :) Pam

  3. I love the sample square you just made. The colors are gorgeous. I'm sur e the bride and groom will love it.

  4. Soooooo lovely and soooo beautiful colors !!!!! your friend will be sooo happy with it !!! Have a creative day !

  5. Good luck with finding a pattern that you love. The colour combination is a real delight, I actually liked the sample granny square. I am so looking forward to spring too, there are signs of spring all around.

  6. Lovely colors....
    Have fun with them !

  7. This yarn makes my fingers tingle, very pretty colors.

  8. Love the colour combination, really beautiful, it'll make a beautiful afghan whatever design you choose xx

  9. I like those colors, Beca. I think they'll make a very nice blanket. It's kind of you to make it for them.

  10. Lovely yarn colors and the square is pretty too:) I am sure you are going to find and make a perfect afghan. I know, when we see lots of patterns, we save and pin them and always eager to make it some day but when we go back it doesn't attract us as they did sometime back.
    I have the same concern about crafting time as you are going through. With the very little time, I am so tired that I just end up taking rest and reading a book or magazine.

  11. Lovely colours Beca, I hope that you have come up with something, I'm looking forward to seeing what your choice of pattern will be. :) x

  12. I know that feeling of thinking I will accomplish lots x

  13. Very pretty colors! Can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

  14. What a great combination...I love it and the squares are looking lovely.Nice to see you posting.I'm on baby stuff for my nice having a baby in May....rushing to finish everything.



  15. Hello Beca! I have been thinking about you today and I hope you are well and enjoying yourself! Just sending a hello your way.
    Take care.
    Julie xo

  16. Hi Beca, This is so lovely!! I love the colours you have chosen. I'm sure the afghan has turned out great by now :-)


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