August 12, 2015


It was only five short years ago that I took the big plunge.
 I checked all three of my kids out of public school and started teaching them at home.
We did it for several reasons.  The main one being we had just moved to a bigger city and the schools were a bit scary.  We bought a house one block north of the high school and we saw on a daily basis what the school kids looked like, dressed like, and acted like.  We knew we didn't want our kids in that type of atmosphere. At least not at that age.  They are so impressionable when they are young.  But that wasn't the only reason.  We also wanted them to have a good foundation on our Christian beliefs so we opted to use Christian curriculum that interweaved Biblical teaching into all their academic classes. Homeschooling also allowed me to spend more time with them. We used to sit for hours at a time working on math, science, or grammar.  We would also be able to sit and have breakfast together and lunch together. 

In the last five years I've seen my kids start enjoying each others company.  I've seen them become each others best friend. I've seen a bond form between them that wasn't there before. Sure some days were a struggle.  I remember my first year of homeschooling I think I cried every day for one reason or another. It's definitely a sacrifice being a homeschool mom.  You never have time for yourself.  You never have any time alone.  If you ever need to go anywhere someone always wants to tag along. Your days are consumed with meeting the needs of the home and meeting the needs of the family.  No time for mom and what she wants to do.  But looking back it was definitely worth it.  There are many things I regret doing or not doing in my life but I will NEVER regret spending all that extra time with my kids. They grow up too fast and I will always treasure those moments we spent together.

But as kids get older their needs change. Our son went back to public school last year.  He's an athletic boy and he wanted to play sports.   Last year he participated in football and track.  He didn't get a lot of play time in football because he was new and was still learning the plays but in track he did well.  He went to state and brought home a couple of medals. He also did well academically.  He kept all A's.  He's adjusted well and we've had a good experience with the school.  It was particularly hard last year because I had one in public school and one homeschooled.  Talk about staying busy.  But this year youngest daughter has decided to go back to public school too.  She'll be starting her freshman year.  She also wanted to participate in sports.  She's a good runner so she'll be doing track.  I'm going to miss having my kids at home but I think this will be a good change for her.  Sometimes our kids need more than what we're able to give them at home.  Besides, it's good for them to get out and run around and release some of that energy.

First day of school is Friday. I know there will be a lot of butterflies and nerves.  I'm hoping she adjusts as well as her brother but she's a little more timid and I'm a little nervous for her.  Lots of anxiety being felt this week by all of us.  I still can't believe our youngest is in high school.  The years are just slipping by so quickly.  I still remember walking my oldest daughter to her pre K class when she was four. I thought she might cry or have some sort of separation anxiety but no, she just walked right on in there and waved goodbye.  Such is life I suppose.  Learning to let go little by little.
 Football practice has started.  Two a days.  They start practice bright and early in the morning and go for about 4 hours with only a short break in between.  It's our sons senior year.  I am looking forward to all of the football games we get to attend this year.  We didn't go to the out of town games last year but this year we plan to go to all of them no matter how far away they are since this is his last year playing. That's him in the center of the picture.
The practice jerseys get a little roughed up and every now and then they need a little mending.  
These get used year after year.  It was already in sorry shape when he got it.  It looks a lot better now after a few stitches with my sewing machine.  
 On another note, I was at the grocery store today and picked up a bag of apples that was marked down. I didn't think they would be good for eating but I knew I could do something with them.  I came home and peeled and cored them, simmered them on low with a little bit of water, brown sugar, and cinnamon and made some applesauce.  
It turned out really good and the house smelled so yummy while it was cooking.
I love anything made from apples.  
There's a little progress to report on the baby blanket.  I've been working on it on my down time.  It's grown a little in size.  It seems like such a slow process.  I know I can crochet much faster than I can knit but I suppose I can use the practice.  
 The blanket was getting too big for my needles so I picked up these circular needles at WM this evening.  I still have several more rows to do before I can start decreasing.  It's a corner to corner blanket.  Every row I increase one stitch until I reach the halfway mark then I start to decrease.

I was sick the last three weeks with bronchitis.  I'm glad to report that after taking a treatment of antibiotics I'm feeling much better now.  I just need to catch up on my rest.  



  1. I am so glad you are beginning to feel a little better, bronchitis is never easy to get over so rest up for awhile. The blanket is looking good, a beautiful colour yarn. I used to love spending quality time with my daughters when they were growing up, it gave them such a good start.

  2. Oh Beca I'm so sorry to hear that you were sick. I am glad you are feeling better. It will be a good change for you and your kids with school. You will have more time maybe to craft! The blanket is going to be pretty. Homemade applesauce is the best. Take care and be well.
    Julie xo

  3. Hi Beca! So glad you're feeling so much better. I'm so glad your son's transition from home-schooling into the public school system went so well and on his terms. I'm sure your daughter will do fine as well. In time you will adjust to this new "life" and will enjoy every minute of it. You were blessed to have the opportunity to spend more time with your babies.
    The blanket is looking great! Take care of yourself!

  4. Glad you are recovering from bronchitis and feeling better. Wishing your daughter a successful school year and your son lots of playing time. Sending hugs, Heather

  5. Good to know you are recovering now. Home schooling is a big task and you have done your best. Good luck to your kids for their future plans :)

  6. I also doubted about home schooling, and although I have only one child, I was afraid to do so.
    I'm glad that after changing school things worked out just fine for her.
    So I admire your courage and that you persevered.
    And I'm sure your kids will always have good memories of their time at home.
    Nice to hear that you're better now.
    I hope you'll get some time for your own finally.

  7. I hope that you are all back to normal after being sick, take care of yourself. Life is moving on a lot for you isn't it, I hope that it will all be good for you and your family too!! xx

  8. Glad that you are better now. Good to hear that your children are adjusting to the school environment after years of home schooling.

  9. Glad that you are better now. Good to hear that your children are adjusting to the school environment after years of home schooling.

  10. Sorry to hear you have been ill Beca hope you are fully recovered now. It's going to seem so strange for you having both your kids at school but just think of all the extra time to will have for yourself, enjoy it. Your blanket is looking lovely. :) xx

  11. Hola y muchas gracias por tu visita en mi blog. Y espero que te recuperes muy pronto y haces cosas muy bonitas.

  12. Hola y muchas gracias por tu visita en mi blog. Y espero que te recuperes muy pronto y haces cosas muy bonitas.


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