March 16, 2016

Santa Fe Anniversary Trip

Last week hubby and I headed northwest in our great state of New Mexico to spend a few days in Santa Fe as an anniversary getaway.  We'd been there once a few months back when our son was playing football.  It was love at first sight for me.  So much charm everywhere.

The architecture...
the pueblo style homes...
the artful gates and entries..
the history...
the different cultures...
It's all so wonderfully enchanting.

We rented a condo instead of a regular hotel.  I like having the extra space if staying more than one night.  This one had great reviews online and it didn't disappoint.  The place is called Fort Marcy Suites.

We just rented a one bedroom but it was plenty spacious for only us two.  I was pleasantly surprised with the look and feel of it.  It was completely furnished and decorated with the Southwest look from the kiva fireplace to the Spanish tiles in the bathroom.  I squealed with joy when I first walked in.  It was perfect and just what we were hoping for.

I thought this little stained glass window was such a nice touch.

I spent most evenings on this comfy chair in the living room.  I put on my knitted socks, propped my feet up, grabbed my yarn, and crocheted while I watched a little tv.
Yes, it seems I can never go anywhere without taking along a basket full of hooks and yarns to keep me busy.
Our condo was up on a hill just minutes from the downtown plaza.  We didn't realize how close we were to everything so we drove the first day.  The next day we decided to walk.  We took this scenic walkway that was right behind our condo unit.  It took us to the bottom of the hill then it was only a few blocks to the plaza.
I passed this yarn store along the way.  I didn't go in though.  It was in a residential area and the entrance was in the back.  The streets are so narrow downtown that most of these businesses are only accessible through the rear.  I just kept walking.  But I did wonder what treasures might be found in there.

The Loretto Chapel was one of my favorite visits.
It's known for its miraculous staircase.
Many of you probably already know the story but if you don't you can read about it here.
Many neat stores and places to shop.  
Most were too upscale for me so I just window shopped.
The vendors mostly sold jewelry.
I don't wear much jewelry so I only bought one pair of earrings.
Live entertainment at the plaza.
It was a nice place to sit and watch.

Beautiful architecture throughout the city.
This entry gate captured my attention. 
 I love the wrought iron gate and the mosaic stairs.
Very artsy!
Another interesting entry.
Very spanish looking don't you think?
Our condo was just up that hill behind that cross so the walk back was uphill.
We took it slow so it wasn't too bad.  It was much better than finding parking and worrying about a meter.
  My favorite spot in Santa Fe.
The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi.
We are not even of the Catholic faith.
It was just a lovely place all around.
There was a park on the side where we sat for a while to take it all in.
The weather was perfect too. 
Highs in the 60's all the days we were there.
This is me and hubby at the Cathedral Park.
 As you can see we haven't quite mastered the art of the selfie.
Maybe one of these days we'll get the hang of it.

Til next time,


  1. It was lovely to finally see you and your husband. You certainly took us on a great tour. You were so good not going into the yarn store, I wouldn't have been able to stop myself, well done.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Glad you had a great time! It looks like a lovely place to visit! xx

  3. Aww Beca once again Happy Anniversary. It looks like a lovely getaway the two of you had and so pretty there!
    Enjoy your Friday and weekend.

  4. Looks like an amazing little get away! Happy Anniversary!!


  5. Hi, I've just found you whilst blog hopping (actually I think I have re-found you - but anyway!). Looks like a perfect trip. I too take my crochet on trips and would rather watch tv with my feet up of an evening than go out anywhere! Happy Anniversary - and I think your selfie is great :)

  6. It was a very lovely site, i enjoyed all your photos,even you and hubby. Thank you for sharing with love Janice

  7. That's always been one of my favorite places to visit! I wish I was there to buy some new handmade turquoise earrings! I love them all! I've enjoyed your photos and catching up on your blog! Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane


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