September 4, 2016

New Knitting Book...

Hello peeps!
Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful relaxing weekend.
Saturday was youngest daughter C's birthday.  She turned sixteen.  So we drove in to a nearby town and took her out for breakfast and then took her shopping.  Well actually it was just me and her shopping.  Hubby followed us around for a while but then he headed for the car and took a nap in the drivers seat.  Dads are funny sometimes.

Hubby loves bookstores so we suggested going to a bookstore so he could do some shopping too.  We looked for a Barnes and Noble but there wasn't one in town.  Only bookstore in town was a Hastings so we stopped there.  As many of you already know, Hastings stores are going out of business so all the books were marked down significantly.  

I found a few craft books to bring home.  I paid ten dollars for all three books.  The used books were marked down 60 percent.  I got one book on embroidery, one on fabric softies, and one book on knitting.
I absolutely adore the patterns in this knitting book.
How cute is this halter top?
 Or this pretty sweater?
 Or this adorable baby cardi?
I tell ya, I can't wait to try one of these patterns. 
 Hopefully this newbie knitter can handle a project like this.
  It will be fun trying at least.

We also stopped at a Bath n Body Works.
I couldn't resist buying this candle sleeve.
Since Fox is my last name I'm a little partial to these furry little creatures.

I'm progressing on my blanket slowly. 
 I worked on it quite a bit while the Olympics were on but now that they're over my poor blanket just sat in this basket without being picked up for a few days.  I did take it with me on our little road trip this weekend.  I managed to add a few more rows to it.
 This is how it looks right now. 
 Just a few more rows and I'll be ready to start my next color change.
It's coming along slow but I'm in no hurry to finish it. It's an enjoyable project and the pattern is simple enough to make it road ready at a moments notice.

My new favorite app.  
It's new to me anyway.
  I just discovered it and now I want to transform all of my pictures.  
It's addictive, really.
Try it. 
 I know you'll love it.


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  1. Since our temperature reached 117 F yesterday, no daddy would be taking a nap in the front seat. :/ I really hate to hear that bookstores continue to close. We don't have any here in Kuwait so I very much appreciate visiting any that I can while in the States. I love books and will never go digital. Also can't get magazines here (they censor everything) so I do buy a few unique ones while in the States, like Flow and found one this time called Womankind. Your blanket is lovely. Prisma is great - especially since it is free. Have a good day.

  2. Your baby blanket is looking beautiful and I love the foxy candle x

  3. The baby cardigans are precious!
    I hope you have a joy-filled week!

  4. A lovely week of lovely!! I like your new candle sleeve a lot! xx

  5. Happy belated birthday to your Sweet 16 Daughter!!! My Hubby is the same way about shopping, so it doesn't bother me anymore. Great books at great prices! Cute Fox!!!

  6. Hi Beca, wow those are nice books you bought! Also happy belated birthday to your daughter!! It sounds like you both had a fun time shopping. I love your knitted blanket and your cute candle sleeve! Have a wonderful weekend.
    Julie xo

  7. Steal on your new books! What gorgeous photos in those books. I envy your knitting talent, beautiful blanket you are making. Thanks for calling me an artist, but I am not, just having fun playing. :)

  8. Happy birthday to the sweet sixteen!! Yes my husband is like that, too. He'll go with us then wind up sitting in the truck waiting on us. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I've enjoyed looking thru yours.

  9. best wishes for birthday girl,your art work is marvelous it amazed me so inspiring dear


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