January 30, 2017


Hello there!
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.
Mine was good except it went by way too quickly which always seems to be the case.  I'm excited though because on Saturday we spent a couple of hours at Ashley's picking out some bedroom furniture.

 Talk about a big purchase.  Have y'all priced furniture lately?  Woah!  But it's been something we've been wanting to do for a few years now.  More so me than my husband.  It's more of a need than a want really.  What we have now is okay.  Mostly it's pieces we've acquired here and there over the years but it's nothing special.  I've said over and over through the years to my husband, I want a new bedroom suite, but we've just never made it a point to go and get one until this weekend.

 It was a HUGE purchase but we did get temperpedic mattresses.  The ones with the electric base so they can go up and down.  That's what happens when you tell your husband he can pick out the mattresses.  I told him since I picked out the furniture he could pick out the mattresses.  Well wouldn't you know it, he went for the ones with the motor and the hydraulic lift.

It's ok.
Sometimes it's fun to just spoil yourself.

What I've been working on:

I was going through some of my things and I found this piece of fleece I had bought a couple of years back.  Sometimes I buy things, put them away and forget about them.  Does that ever happen to any of you?  Well, such was the case for this one.  

These make great blankets.
All it needed was a crochet edge to finish it off.

A bright sunny yellow compliments the gray tones of the blanket nicely.
 It livens it up a little I think.  It's not boring anymore.
I love color.  Don't you?

It's already being used and loved in the Fox home.

Something else I've been working on is this knit lap blanket.  It's been in the makes since July.  I started it when my father was in the hospital recovering from his stomach surgery.  I have found that needlework can be very therapeutic when the heart is grieved.

Here we are six months later and it's close to being finished. 

Some apple turnovers I made this week.  My kids are sort of weird in the sense that they are health conscious.  They don't eat very many sweets or junk food.  So....I think I ate most of these myself over a couple of days.  Can you say Yum?

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Til next time friends,


  1. Love makes, I was inspired by the crochet edge on your fleece throw. I can see a couple of them in my new home. Take care.

  2. We recently bought some bedroom furniture. It was a good time to do it because of the January sales. But the choice was huge and difficult. I have seen baby blankets made from fleece with a crochet edging. Your grown-up version has turned out really well. The crochet stitch is lovely. I might try something like this one day.

  3. I love the crochet border, and yes I too have some plain fleece blankets in need of an edging :)

  4. Hi Beca,

    The yellow crochet border looks great on grey. Lovely blanket!
    And your knitting is so inspirational to me. I haven't knitted in many years. This is something I would like to try again.
    The turnovers look so yummy!

    Hugs from California,


  5. Your grey blanket is so pretty! I am sure that you will treasure your other blanket a great deal and snuggle under it a lot. Enjoy the new furniture and mattress! It is fun to be able to do wants sometimes isn't it.

  6. Love the edging idea on the fleece blanket. It looks so comfy!! Yes, furniture is so pricey now a days. My daughter is looking at moving out next Winter and I told her to slowly buy furniture and store it at our home until she finds a place because purchasing all at once will definitely break the bank!!

  7. The apple turnovers look so good. I haven't made a dessert in awhile and this is one I can make without I may want to make them soon. Love your idea for edging the fleece. What a snuggly blanket! Hugs!

  8. Your fleece blanket turned out wonderful! It looks so warm and cozy, too. Apple turnovers are one of my favorites. My Mom used to make them when I was young. She always packed my Dad's lunch for work and would bake special treats for him. I think that was one of the secrets to their long marriage (58 years) haha! Your striped throw is pretty, too. Something very sentimental.....Sending hugs xo K

  9. Hi Beca, oh how nice to have a new bed! I love the blanket edging and the knit blanket is beautiful. The apple turnovers sound so good!
    Hope you have a nice weekend.


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