April 20, 2017

A Little Frustration and Some Recent Finds

Afternoon ladies.
I hope you are all having a fine day.
I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment.  In an effort to bring our church into the twenty first century we decided it was time for a web page so I'm in the middle of building a website for our church.  Fun huh?  

No, not really!

It's a huge pain in the neck.  Now I know why they charge so much for this kind of stuff.  Setting up a web page is complicated, messy, and frustrating.  I had everything set up and things were going good and in the middle of it all I accidentally deleted everything...
the web page, my account...:(

How can one button cause so much damage?
I called customer service and they fixed it for me.  Now I have to wait 24 - 48 hours for the page to "propegate".  In the mean time I'm supposed to wait patiently.  

onto happier things...
Every now and then I like to visit the local charity shops and see what wonderful treasures I can find.  We only have two in our area and it's really a hit and miss.  Sometimes I find quite a bit and other times I leave empty handed.  Back a few years ago when we had a larger house I could buy whatever my heart desired but now that we live in a much smaller home I have to be very disciplined. Sadly storage space is limited so if I can't use it now or in the near future it can't come home with me.

Except when it comes to yarn.  There's always room for more. I can squeeze this stuff almost anywhere.  It stores very well in those under the bed storage containers.  I already have a lot of it but I hate to pass it up when I find it cheap.
More yarn.

Moor goodies.  A vintage enamel stock pot, a chenille doll - not vintage but totally adorable -, vintage kitty note pad, and a vintage spool of floral ribbon.

And this super cute pink cabbage roses enamel pan.  It wasn't this pretty when I found it.  It was actually sticky and icky but a little bit of Comet cleaned it up nice.  Sometimes these finds just need a little love.

I baked a loaf of cinnamon bread to take to my mil's along with some roast beef sandwiches and a macaroni salad.  She just had knee replacement surgery.  I thought they might enjoy a homemade meal instead of take out.

My go to movie when I need a pick me up.
A real favorite.
Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox.
F -O-X

Love it.


  1. You've got mail! Love that movie. Your doll and your breath are both absolutely wonderful. I am sure that your mil is very thankful fur a sweet dil like you.

  2. How frustrating for you after all that work, I hope they can fix it for you, it's funny how we can always find room for yarn I have it stashed all over the house haha and I'm being good I haven't bought any for ages. How thoughtful of you to do that for your MIL I bet she was so touched. I love the enamel stock pot. :) x

  3. Hi Beca! That's one of my go-to movies, too! It's so happy! I like The Holiday, too. AND Sleepless in Seattle.
    Well, I hope the rest of the web page building goes well. Bless your heart for doing it!
    I might make some banana bread today. I always say that . . .

  4. Just catching up, how frustrating for you to lose all your hard work, hope it all works out in the end. You certainly found some great treasures at the charity shop. Always nice to help out with home cooked goodies, I bet they were well received.

  5. I get frustrated when I accidentally delete one comment ... can't imagine how you're feeling losing a whole web page!! Good luck with that when it comes back to you.
    I used to visit my local thrift store as a sort of therapy when my mom passed away. My purchases got a little out of hand, and last year I had a major purging of things. Most of the thrift store "treasures" were sent back to the store then. Such a waste of money, but I'm glad I curbed my purchasing since then. You found some nice things, and I like your restrained shopping mentality. It'll keep you happy ;)

  6. The perils of technology, I do struggle with it and hope your page is back now. I love a good find in the charity shops, especially if it's more yarn and that cinnamon cake looks rather delicious xx

  7. What great finds! I hope that your web page has returned by now and that you will be able to sort it all out!

  8. Hope all is well with your church website now. I think our church paid for it to be done professionally but it costs an absolute fortune. All the best Cathy x

  9. Hi, Becca. Just calling in from Northern Ireland on a read through Pom Pom's blogs- when I should really be marking exam papers. Loving your beautiful words and glimpses of yarn! I didn't mean to disturb the calm with a visit, but then i got to your screenshot of You've Got Mail! One of my favourites too, and one I recently watched with my two now teenage boys. At least one of them got it!


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