July 26, 2017

Happy Birthday to Me ♥

This is my birthday month.

Another reason to love July.
Birthdays seem to come around quicker and quicker every year.

I've reached the point where I have to pause for a few seconds to figure out hold old I am.
I do math in my brain.   I subtract my birth year from the current year to be sure.  Does anyone else do that?  

I remember as a kid thinking people in their forties were horribly old.
Now I'm in my mid forties and let me just say...'s not so bad.  It's actually pretty good.

I bought something for myself.  My family gave me some lovely presents but these last few years I've been giving myself something too.  A gift to me from me.  I've been wanting one of those journaling Bibles I've seen all over Pinterest so I went online and ordered me not one, but two of them.

Only one has come in.  The other one was a pre-order and won't be shipped out until August.
I'm better at coloring than drawing so I am thrilled that it comes with a few of these cute illustrations already in place.  

I also ordered these other two coloring books.
They were on sale and a steal at 3.99 each.  

Coloring books aren't just for kids anymore.  They are supposed to be good for you as they relieve stress.  Plus it's like art so it's a win win.  Now I just need to buy some good coloring pencils and I'll be set.

On the day of my birthday, hubby took the afternoon off and we all headed to the zoo.  I hadn't been to the zoo in years and it was quite relaxing and enjoyable.  The best part was spending the day with my favorite people.

Here's one of those rooster ornaments I managed to finish.  The body was a breeze to make but it was all those finishing touches that made this "small" project take forever to finish.

This is a favorite blouse made even better with a little crochet.  I really don't like wearing tank tops under my shirts.  I feel I am already bulky on top I don't need an extra layer of clothing especially in these summer temperatures.  I whipped this up and it did the trick.

I know I'm late finding this out but I just recently discovered the Wish app.  I've ordered a handful of things but these acrylic crochet hooks were the first to come in.  I didn't expect much for the price.  The smaller hooks are flimsy and none of them have a size marked on them.  Probably the thicker ones are usable if I file off the rough edges.
 At least they look pretty in a jar. 
That's worth three bucks right?

Happy birthday to all my July born readers out there.
Hope this month has been a blessed one for you too.


  1. Oh dear, happy birthday.. loads of love..

  2. Happy birthday, sounds like you had a great day with family always good creating magical memories. Your gifts to yourself are a joy.

  3. Happy birthday. Spending time with our loved ones is always the best time spent isn't it xx

  4. Happy Birthday!! I love the way you added crochet to your blouse. I have a few coloring books myself. Enjoy the rest of your birthday month!!

  5. Happy Birthday, I also buy myself a little gift from me to me LOL And I also have to count my years to make sure I am right, one time I was off...
    Love how you made that shirt more modest (your so smart( Enjoy your new Bible coloring)
    Blessings to you and yours, Roxy

  6. Happy birthday month to you, Beca! I love your crochet idea and I may have to make a knitty insert!
    The Bible is super lovely and fun and YES coloring is fun and soothing.

  7. What a sweet post . . . Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy belated birthday to you xxx

  9. Ha ha, had to laugh. There was a time when I too thought that 40 yrs old was ... 'old'!
    Not anymore lol. Glad you had a nice birthday. Mine's in July too, a lovely time of year for a birthday. Cathy xx


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