August 4, 2017

Bible Journaling

And so it begins,
a new hobby for me.

I started coloring in my new Bible.

Can I just say how enjoyable this is.
Who says coloring is just for kids?

I sat down last night to color my first page.  I left everything out on the table and this morning when I went to grab a cup of coffee I saw it sitting there waiting for me so I sat down and colored my second page.  Now I'm thinking I need to buy more colored pencils in a wider variety of colors.  

I added the swirl on my own.  Not very adventurous I know but I wanted to give it a personal touch even it was a small one.  I think it adds the right amount of flair.

When my father passed away in September of last year, the only thing I ever asked for was his Bible.  I didn't care about the material things.  In fact I never received any of his material things.   The only things I have in my possession that belonged to my father are two pairs of his shoes and a garbage bag with a few of his clothes that my sisters and I divided up shortly after his death.

My mother hasn't turned over his Bible to me yet.  Who knows why.  I know it's not for sentimental reasons.  My mother is not a sentimental person.  The morning after my father passed away she was going through his closet bagging up his clothes for "donation", which is how each of my sisters and I ended up with a bag of his clothes.

I, however, am the sentimental kind and I would have loved to have my fathers Bible. Maybe someday she'll go ahead and give it to me.  I can only hope.  

So I've been very conscious about personalizing a few Bibles to leave behind for my kids someday.  I have a couple of the traditional Bibles but I thought these journaling Bibles might be something my daughters might like someday after I'm gone.

I take pleasure in working on my Bibles.  Not just drawing and coloring but I intend to write many notes as well and personalize it as much as I can over the years.  
 There's no time like the present to prepare something special.  The Bible has special meaning to me because of my faith but even a sketchbook or a writing journal would be a beautiful legacy as well.  It's something to think about anyway.

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  1. I love that, Beca! I know what you mean. It's a joy to hold memories and I'll pray that you DO ultimately receive your dad's Bible.
    I love your coloring. I have so many Bibles but I want one of those.
    God bless you, sweet one.

  2. What a sweet post . . . your children will love getting these someday. I hope that you, too, will have our father's bible one day. Have you thought about making a quilt from the bag of clothes that you have?
    Happy weekend.
    Connie :)

  3. Such a beautiful way to pass down your bibles. I do hope that you get your Father's bible. I love Connie's idea to make a quilt with the clothes. I made a quilt like that for my little grandson. Sending hugs xo Karen

  4. How lovely and as you said, something special for generations to come xx

  5. I hope that the bible is being treasured in some way by your Mom and that is why she hasn't passed it on to you. We all cope with grief in different ways don't we, some of which are harder to understand than others. Your idea to make these bibles personal is a wonderful one and I am sure they will be treasured.

  6. I haven't seen these bibles before, but they are wonderful!!! Of course I want one myself now lol I agree the little scroll seems to finish it off and you should def go and get more coloured pencils to enjoy!

  7. This looks like a fun thing to do and very relaxing! Have fun with it.


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