August 29, 2017

The Mounting Anxiety of a Breast Biopsy

I have an upcoming biopsy scheduled for Thursday on my right breast.  I can feel the anxiety building up within me.  As hard as I try to stay positive and calm, the anxiety is mounting and I can feel the burden I carry as my chest feels tight and my muscles feel achy.  It's tension and stress and all those other emotions that come with this kind of worrying.

I'm usually a calm person.
I don't get frazzled easy 
but waiting to find out if I have a highly deadly disease 
growing in my body has me a bit worried.

I went in for my very first mammogram on July 11th.  I received a letter in the mail a few days later that they had found something abnormal and they needed to do a diagnostic mammogram and possibly an ultrasound if needed.   This is not what I expected from my first mammogram.  Although other ladies I talked to said it had happened to them once or twice over the years.  

They scheduled me an appointment for Aug. 22, a whole month later.  I was a little nervous but my husband reassured me it was merely precautionary.

I went in for my appointment last week where they took six more images.  The radiologist told me he couldn't tell what it was either way other than it looked suspicious and a biopsy was the way to go.  They sent me home with a cd of my images to take to my biopsy at a breast cancer center two hours away.  

I am a Christian and even though I have peace in my heart and I trust the Lord, the fear of the unknown is always unsettling.  

I was walking through the grocery store the other day and saw this.  An appropriate message for me.  Just what I needed.

 I ask for your prayers and if any of you have gone through something like this let me know.   I'm sure your words of wisdom will be of some comfort to me.

In the mean time, I'm knitting.


  1. I have my first mammogram scheduled in the next fortnight and one of the things it says in the information is how many women have cells that may look like they need investigation, but will turn out to be fine. I'm sure that's little comfort right now, so sending lots of reasurring hugs and I hope very much that all will be well... and your knitting is looking beautiful xx

  2. It does sound a bit scary for you, particularly on your first one. Being a Christian too, I remember feeling very scared when I discovered a mole on my thumb, which appeared from nowhere. I needed surgery to remove it and I'm now checked for 5 yrs, as pre-cancerous cells were found.
    You are in good hands with the hospital, it's good that they're doing further tests. I'd like to reassure you that God has got hold of you and He will be with you in this. He will never let go and - like your sign says above - Do not fear tomorrow, for God's already there.
    I pray that the Doctor and hospital will be able to determine a conclusive answer that will put your mind at rest. I pray also that you'll have God's perfect peace and the strength to cope with the future.
    I do understand the worry of finding and dealing with lumps in the breast. For the last 30 years, I've had 6 monthly ultrasound breast examinations and a mammogram every 2 years. For me, they've always been cysts caused by hormones. Sometimes they're drained but mostly left alone if they're not hurting etc. I've had a benign thickening growth in the breast tissue in the past but as I was under 30 yrs, the advice was to leave it.
    I think times like these, all we can do is draw close to God, He promises to draw close to us. Sending love. Cathy x

  3. Oh dear Becca, Please don't get so nervous .. everything will be fine.. I can understand your mounting tension.. I went through same phase.. but after ultrasound they found only some little cysts.. which are not dangerous... just keep finger cross.. praying for you.. Love n hugs..

  4. Dear Beca you're in my thoughts and prayers. Your faith, and giving it to the Lord's hand will carry you. I know how scary it is, and how hard it is to not think of the worse.

  5. Your knitting is pretty, Beca. I have had one biopsy and it was fairly painless. It was only a few short hours before they called to say there was no need to worry. It was a calcium deposit. They are very cautious these days and very proactive. I pray that you'll feel a huge sense of calm.

  6. Sending you a hug in the hope that it is a comfort and know that you are in my prayers.

  7. Sorry to hear about your health. Courage and faith in God will help you to deal with difficulties and hope there is nothing serious.

  8. I'm sorry to read of your health worries Beca. It is normal to feel anxious and afraid. I just had a routine surgery but was a wreck before the procedure. Sending up prayers for you and positive thoughts for a good result. Perfect sign you ran across. :)

  9. Hello Dear, Yes, All you have described and more I have been through. As I can say this one thing that helped me was not really profound, but its where the rubber meets the road! it is what it is and you will deal with it!!!
    Most of these are cysts, but as you well know can be something else. We live in a fallen world and I have watched many go through this very thing. lets face it, it scares us silly. But each time I am reminded that every day is a gift.You will grow stronger in your faith and I know this to be true! I will be praying for you as the test is tomorrow!
    Blessings, You can do all things through Christ Jesus...
    Hugs, Roxy

  10. I will be thinking of you Beca! It's very normal to be scared, I think you're very brave. I really hope it turns out to be nothing special and if they do find anything bad, they will be able to remove it.
    My thoughts are with you!
    Take care, Sigrid

  11. I hope the biopsy went well and that you've already gotten the results back. Several years ago my doctor sent me to a surgeon to review my mammogram because she said we don't mess around with the breasts. Turns out I had a few cysts that were too little to do anything about and they would be monitored. My doctor usually does ultrasounds on me because she says it's not good to have mammograms all the time and in my last check-up, there seemed to be nothing unusual. I often have pain under my left armpit and breast but she says that it is a normal complaint for women. I've been in menopause for 3 or 4 years now, I forget exactly, and for sure my body has been through many changes over the past 10 years. Keeping you in my thoughts.


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