October 31, 2017

Halloween Day

It's Halloween Day!

I can remember back when my kids were little dressing them up and taking them out trick or treating.  It seemed like more of a hassle than fun honestly.  It was a tad bit stressful.  Driving around all over town going door to door didn't seem like a lot of fun, or at least to me it didn't.  It was a lot of work and by the end of the evening everyone was tired.  It's just one of those things that's more fun for the kids than it is for the adults.

Am I the only grump that remembers it like this? 
Ha ha.
While it's not my favorite holiday, we have a lot of sweet Halloween memories too.  Like buying costumes or some years even making them.  The home made ones are the best ones in my opinion.

I wish I would have taken more pictures though.  I was looking for a photo or two to share with you today but I couldn't find any.  I must not have very many.  Of course that was back in the day when you still had to have pictures printed.  We didn't take as many pictures back then.   Now everyone has a camera on their phone and they can take as many pictures as they want.  Not the case back then.  I probably just snapped a couple of group pictures before heading out the door and that's it.  They are probably in a photo album somewhere that I haven't gotten to.

My kids are too old for Halloween anymore so we don't make a big deal about it.  I like to decorate a little bit but it's more of a Fall theme rather than a Halloween theme.  

I made these plates a few years back when vinyl was all the rage.  I still have my Silhouette machine but it hasn't come out of storage in a long while.  I still love my plates though.

Chocolate anyone? 

I bought a few bags of chocolate for the house but so far there hasn't been many takers.  The basket still looks like this. Chocolate is not really my thing so I can't eat very many.  The kids are all athletic and health conscious so they haven't had any and hubby has high cholesterol so he hasn't grabbed any either.  So if we don't have any trick or treaters I suppose I'll end up taking these to the church.

My son and his girlfriend did buy a couple of pumpkins to carve a couple of nights ago.  
This is as spooky as we get around here.


I suggested to hubby maybe we could watch a scary movie tonight but I think we'll watch the World Series instead.

Whatever your plans are for this evening I hope you have a lot of fun and make many precious memories with your little ones.  They're only little for a short time.  

From our family to yours,


  1. Happy Halloween, Beca!
    Thank you for sharing your family memories. I enjoyed your post and the pictures. It's so... cozy and heartwarming! Love your decorations.
    My oldest son has autism and he's actually terrified of scary Halloween stuff, so we too decorate more for the fall, not Halloween per se. And he refuses to wear a costume, which is fine. The youngest though absolutely loves this holiday.
    But for me it's more of a personal holiday as 16 years ago I came to America from Ukraine. I love America with all my heart, and that's what I'm celebrating today.

    1. Olga that is a beautiful reason to celebrate. A day to remember that's for sure. ♥

  2. It used to be more fun, I think. Tonight three of our grands will come for dinner and then make the rounds in our neighborhood. I like Thanksgiving so much more.

  3. Happy Halloween to you to. Although in truth it is not a celebration that we really do. I have always got some treats in on the off chance someone calls but in previous years they never have.

  4. Happy Halloween!! beautiful decorations..

  5. I have never really celebrated Halloween, it wasn't a big deal when I was growing up and going round knocking on peoples doors was classed as cheeky so we didn't do it. When my kids were young I would take them round to knock on friends doors who I knew were participating and that was fun. If those chocolates were standing in my house I'm afraid they wouldn't last very long I would demolish them in a couple of days. :) xx

  6. Hi Beca, I love the way you decorated for fall. The pumpkins are really cute and the plates too. I bet you will be giving the chocolates to your church. Take care and enjoy the week and weekend.

  7. Love your Halloween plates! I love all holidays - even if we don't get any trick or treaters, I still love to decorate. Getting 4 kids ready for Halloween was quite a job, but I would give anything to have that time back again. Hershey kisses are my favorite! Sending hugs xo Karen

  8. Our Halloween evening has changed in that we now go to our daughter's home and walk about with the little ones. We don't cover much ground but they sure do have a good time. I am not as strong willed as you and your family around chocolate. I am munching a KitKat as I type ;)

  9. Lindas imagens. Bom fim de semana. Abraço.

  10. It has been my plan for awhile now to decorate monthly. Have a theme, even if there isn't any specific holiday, just to change things up. We had so many traditions when the kids were little and now things are mostly just quiet around here. How I wish we had been able to more pictures so many years ago. My mom told me recently that a great aunt of mine died at the age of 105 years old, but I don't even remember who she is. Taking pictures and looking back on people and moments is so easy now. I don't eat milk chocolate anymore. I try to stick with dark chocolate and find it so rich that I can't really eat much of it which is a good thing.


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