June 28, 2018

Small Things...

It's been quieter around my house these days.  All the kids have summer jobs.  Now they all go their own way in the morning and come home at different times.  There's a constant coming and going.  Youngest daughter only has a part time job so she comes home the earliest but even so, it allows me a couple hours of alone time which has been nice.  

When school was still in session, I didn't get very much time to myself.  Sometimes none at all.  With one child in high school and two in college you'd think I'd have all day to myself but that's not the way it was.  A lot of the college classes these days are online.  And with each one having different schedules it seemed like someone was home all the time.

I might have mentioned this before but we live right down the road from a university which is why my older kids still live at home.  It's been a blessing because it saves money on room and board but it also makes our little abode feel crowded at times.  Sharing a small space with five grown people can be challenging.  But I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to get by.  These small sacrifices will all pay off in the end.  Whatever it takes to give our kids a better start in life.

So I take pleasure in those little delightful moments of peace and quiet.  It gives me time to do those things I've been wanting to do, but normally don't get to do.  Some call it Mom Time.

And then as the clock ticks by, they all start coming home, one by one, and the house comes alive again.

Family life.


We've been incorporating more fresh fruit with our meals.  I've been buying one large watermelon a week.  I cut it up and put it in a large bowl in the fridge for snacking.  It doesn't last all week.  Usually it's gone in a couple of days.  With everyone working, the appetites have gotten bigger it seems.

I sure do like this funky looking plant.

It's a String of Pearls plant and it's doing very well.  I've only had it a month and it makes me giddy to see so many new shoots growing from it.  I have it hanging in my kitchen in front of a large window.  I sense it likes it there.  

I started this knit baby blanket in the winter.  I pick it up from time to time.  Mostly I take it with me when we travel.  I keep it in this basket so I can just grab it and go.  I need to start working on it at home though since it's growing at such a snails pace.

I've been spending more time outside on my front porch.  It's covered so it gives plenty of shade.  I like to sit out there and listen to the birds sing, watch my kitty pounce at everything that moves, and tend to my plants.  As hot as it's been sometimes they need watering twice a day.  

I'm a bit sad that it's the end of June already and that the days will only be getting shorter from here on out.  This Summer break is going by a tad too fast for this Summer lovin' girl.

 I think I'll start doing some knitting out here in the evenings.  Maybe prop up my ipad and catch up on some of my favorite shows.

That's what I love about my porch.
This time of  year it becomes an extension of my home.



  1. Sitting on the porch with your knitting sounds idyllic, I would love to stop by and join you.

  2. Hi Beca, you are so lucky in a way that the kids are in and out all day and at least you have a few hours of quiet me time. My daughter will be going away to college about 3 1/2 hour drive away from home and she is my only child. I will miss her so much and I'll have to adjust to a lot of quiet time.
    I too love summer and I feel like once the 4th of July comes that summer just flys by. I hope you enjoy as much as can of summer. The blanket is beautiful and coming along nice.
    I need to finish up a baby blanket that I was working on but stopped.
    Take care.
    Julie xo

  3. Beca, your photography is always so lovely. You certainly have an eye for the camera. The pattern that you are using on your baby blanket is so pretty, you're an awesome knitter.
    Also, your colorful colander taught my eye. I love pretty kitchenware:)
    Have a sweet day and enjoy our porch. I need to get out there on mine and put up my 4th of July banners. I'm running a little late at decorating this year.

  4. Our houses here don’t tend to have front porches like yours do, how I would love to sit their and watch the world go by. You make the most of your mum time xx

  5. It's so nice to have a little pick around you home and see the lovely small things you enjoy! Beautiful photos! Enjoy your Mom Time!

  6. Porches are such delightful places to sit and watch the world in the warm months, aren't they. I too am a summer girl. Down here, I am happy that the days are becoming a little longer, if only a little. It is always a delight to visit your lovely home and catch snippets of your cosy little corners. Your string of pearls plant does love all that sunshine in the window. How wonderful your kids go to college not far from you. I would imagine they love being where you are. Enjoy those moments you steal for yourself, lovely Beca. the that sweet baby blanket!

  7. Nice to see how you spend your day enjoying lovely things in and around your home:)

  8. Your photography is amazing! You have such a great eye for it. I understand the quiet times at home. My daughter works opposite time from me and I tend to be home alone most of the time during the week. When her and my husband are finally home with me, I am happy yet long for the quiet hours again. There is just no pleasing me. LOL!!

  9. Sounds wonderful.....I wish I had a porch! I remember those busy days of teenagers and young adults coming and going. It's such a busy time and it is hard to plan your day when it is interrupted so often. Love the little glimpses of your day and seeing your sweet things. The baby blanket is so precious. I think summer is the season that flies by the fastest! x Karen

  10. Hi Beca i have just found your blog and i am now your newest follower,hope you will visit and follow me too. I love your plant i havent seen one like that before,its always relaxing doing some knitting. Yes i remember my children coming and going,they are all married now with their own families ,how handy for you to live so close to the University ,hope you have a lovely day xx

  11. We've been sitting out on the back porch. Sometimes the air conditioning works too well and I go outside to warm up! Crazy!
    I know what you mean about that alone time - it goes very fast! Bill offices at home so when he is meeting with people at coffee shops, I hunker down for some true quiet.
    I'm glad you love summer. It certainly is beautiful and a real gift from God.

  12. Oh, keep chugging away on that lovely blue blanket! It's okay that it's going at a snail's pace. Knitting does go pretty slow, I think.


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