July 30, 2018

Bad Brain Day

Yesterday I had not one, but two
 "What the Heck is Wrong with Me" moments.

Ever have those?

Last night hubby and I decided to sneak off to McD's for a quick bite after church.  I told him I wasn't very hungry but that a smoothie sounded good. So when we get there I tell the kind young man behind the counter, I'll have a mango smoothie, a McChicken, and an apple pie.  Then for some odd reason I also threw in these words,
I'll need a small drink too.

Hubby was standing slightly behind me so I don't know if he gave me a look but either way he didn't say anything.  It wasn't until we were seated and my food was in front of me that I said, Why did I order myself two drinks?  Really?  What was I thinking?

In text talk this would be worthy of an SMH.

A little bit later we got up to leave so we collected our trash, put it in the bins and walked out.  We drove all the way home. I walked around the house for a little bit and it was then that I realized I didn't have my purse.  Hubby went out to the car to look for it.  It wasn't there.  We drove back to McD's.  On the way over there I used hubby's phone to call them and sure enough they said my purse was still hanging on the back of the chair.  The nice young man said he'd hold it for me in their office. 

I got my purse back.  I was relieved that everything was still there...
my iphone, my credit cards, my debit card, my cash... nothing seemed to be missing.
There's much to be said about living in a small town.

Oh, my excuse?
I blame the big bad M word.
Peri-Menopausal brain fog is real folks.

goodness gracious...

gee whiz...

for heavens sake...

by golly...

Let's hope I can get it together today.



  1. I remember those know, the big M days. Now I just think of it as age related. :) Thank you for "following" me, Beca and for leaving such a sweet comment at my blog.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog today and please come back any time. Not being able to find your purse is scary for sure, but great they found it and saved it for you. There are still good people in the world. Hope your week will be a good one.

  3. I too have those muddly brain days.....a little more than I care to. =) Isn't it a wonderful thing there are honest people in the world filled with kindness. By the your pretty purse. Here's to a 'fogless brain' day.

  4. Hi Beca i am glad those days are behind me,just take one day at a time,hope you feel better today.I love your purse its so pretty xx

  5. I remember those days well and am happy to report it does get better.

  6. The M word brain is very real. I love your purse!

  7. Oh Beca!!! Been there...done that!!! Breathe! I used to take a lot of quiet me time and still do... This too shall pass. Just love yourself with kindness and laugh or cry!!! Hugs, diana

    1. Sometimes I don't know what to do, laugh or cry. Some days I want to do both. It's just one of those things I guess. We'll survive. Thanks my friend.
      xx Beca

    2. Check email!!!

  8. so glad you live in a small town and everything was in your bag, phew! I have a fear of forgetting things so I constantly check and recheck. once my friend and I were at a Panera and she was pickpocketed because her purse was slung on the back of her chair. Now I only have it hanging on my knee or right beside me!!

  9. We have all had those kind of days, but loosing your purse can be a scary thing. When I go out to eat somewhere I put my purse on the floor and put my ankle through the strap. No one can grab it and I can't get up and walk out without feeling in there around be ankle. Just a tip :)
    I hope that you are having a wonderful day . . . I'm hanging out at home making blackberry and peach jam.
    Keep Smiling,
    Connie :)

  10. Hello!
    I am right there with you!!!!
    I do the same things for the same reason. : )
    We are in this together!
    Nice to meet you.
    I am happy to be your newest follower!

  11. Arh bless you Beca, glad your bag was in safe hands. Take care and hope things improve, have a good week. Cathy x


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