September 3, 2018

Love the Moment

Why is it, that it always seems to rain in the middle of the night?

I'm thankful for this little parsonage we call home. 

It is small yet cozy. 

It is humble yet sweet.

It's simple yet it's sufficient,

but it has a tin roof and the sound of rain is magnified...or so, at least it seems at one o'clock in the morning.  My husband loves the sound of rain and he can sleep through it with no problem.   I wish I could do the same.  I usually find myself laying in bed with eyes wide open feeling slightly irritated.  Secretly wishing it would stop.  Silently wishing I could fall back asleep.

I sneak out of bed and make my way into the kitchen to start the coffee.  I pour myself  a cup and sit and sip only to find humor and a bit of irony in my mug of choice.  

Love the Moment

Could this be a message from above?  Quite possibly. 
Whatever the reason, the message is fitting.
It's fitting because today is not only Labor Day here in the U.S. but more importantly it's youngest daughters birthday.  I can't believe our y2k baby is 18.

We have an outing planned today.  Our whole family is taking daughter to town and spending the day together doing this and that.

Love the Moment?
Yes, I think I will.


  1. How I love visiting your lovely place filled with whimsy and delight and gazing upon the sweet vignettes. No I don't suppose rain pelting down on the tin roof in the wee hours of the morning is a good thing, if indeed you can't sleep. My home is tiny but I too love it! Who needs a big home anyway. =) Enjoy the many moments you spend with your daughter today. How exciting, 18 years old. Have the most wonderful day, dear Beca♥

  2. Here's wishing your daughter a very happy birthday . . . time flies when you're busy being a mother :) Oh, they do grow up so very fast.
    I don't know if I told you this or not , but our home was built in 1905 as the parsonage of the United Methodist Church in a near by town. Then in the early 70's in was purchased and moved to the property that we own today. Small, humble, and very comfortable . . . in another word, "HOME" we love it here.
    Have a marvelous time with your daughter today.
    Connie :)

  3. Hello Beca. Happy 18th Birthday to your dear daughter ... the years go by so very fast I agree. Your coffee cup is beautiful & yes, I think it might be a message from above! Have a wonderful day with your daughter & family Beca.

  4. Hope your daughter has had a wonderful birthday, family time is simply the best xx

  5. Hi Beca I love the sound of rain and I listen to a cd at night of the rain. Happy Birthday to your daughter. I hope you all had a fun day.

  6. Belated Birthday wishes to your daughter, hope you all had a wonderful day.

  7. I enjoyed reading here and I have to say that I love falling asleep to the rain hitting the tin roof. :) But I am sorry that it isn't the same for you. A belated Happy Birthday to your 18 year old. :) Love your doodling in the previous post! I'm also a crocheter.


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