October 4, 2019

Free Fall Gift Tags Printable...

Fall arrived this week and brought with it lots of rain.
Oodles and oodles of rain.

It's wet, gloomy and cold and I haven't seen the sun for a few days. 
I'm hoping it will peek out from behind the gray clouds this afternoon.

Please, please, please...
I need some sunshine.

So while I've been cooped up in the house I've been spending some time in the kitchen, like most people tend to do on rainy days.  I've been thinking about baking and making good, yummy food to make us feel all warm and cozy inside.  

I've also been thinking about this season we're entering.  The season of giving and setting our hearts toward thankfulness and gratitude...

about counting our blessings and in turn blessing others...

and so with all that in mind I made this, 
gift tags to spice up all of those packages this season.  

Freely available for anyone to use.

Just think of all those special people you can bake for...
your neighbors, your coworkers, your church friends, your pastors family.

To print these tags simply right click on the file below and save to your computer.  From there you can easily print at home at your leisure.

From me to you,

Visit my Etsy shop for other Fall gift tags and remember to use code FALL19 for 20% off any item.


  1. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons.
    Here in my part of the UK todays weather has been good, but some areas are due to get some heavy rain!
    Love the gift tags.

    Enjoy October.

    All the best Jan

  2. What a great idea the gift tags are to add to a mason jar or to a bag for fall baking. Thanks for the printable gift tags. Enjoy fall!


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