January 11, 2013


Happy Friday friends! 

 Doesn't life sometimes seem to pass like a whirlwind?  It just feels like that's the way it's been the last month or so.  But now that the holidays are over it's starting to slow down a bit.  I'm so glad.  I'm the type that prefers a slower pace.   Oldest daughter has been home from college for almost a month now.  She'll be leaving back to school next week though. 

I'm so behind on my blogging.  I've done so much but haven't had the chance to share it with anyone.  I've been trying my hand at pressure canning.  

My mother in law gave hubby and I this Presto pressure canner/cooker for Christmas.  I asked for it.  She usually gives us something we can both use in our home so she'll ask us what we might like to have.  I chose a pressure canner.

I've never used a pressure cooker before so I was a bit nervous.  I read the instruction booklet a few times and made sure to follow the instructions properly.  Everything went pretty smooth.  

This is 7 quarts of chicken broth.

I also canned a whole case of pinto beans in quart size jars.  I think they turned out nice and I really enjoyed the process.  It's quite satisfying and rewarding I must say.

I can't wait to can again but I'm not sure what it will be.  

Maybe broth again?  Who knows?!

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