January 22, 2013


I'm not much of a sewer.  I just never picked it up.  I took a home economics class in high school and the little bit I know about sewing I learned there.  But I guess I never was too interested in it so I never practiced and never learned much more than the basics.  

My mom loved to sew.  I have vivid memories of my mom sitting at her sewing machine making dresses.  Every chance she could get she'd be sewing away.  I remember scraps of fabric on the kitchen table, thread all over the floor because it didn't quite land in the trash can, and patterns by the box full.

Maybe that's why whenever I see a sewing basket or any kind of sewing notions at an antique shop it's hard for me to pass them up.  It stirs up memories in my mind of my mom and the humming of the sewing machine.  

I've only just recently attempted to sew.

  Now that I'm older I find that I want to learn the valuable skills of the women of older generations.  Canning is one of them, and now sewing is another skill I want to tackle.  It seems that these skills are vanishing.  Doesn't seem to be a popular hobby anymore.  Such a shame! 

 This is one of my first sewing projects.

It's a ruffled tote bag.  I saw some going around Pinterest and thought I'd make myself one.  It's far from perfect but it does hold my Sunday School notebook and Bible so I'm a happy girl.  

The important thing is that I'm learning.  I don't just want to know how to sew, I want to know how to sew fairly well.

The learning process is enjoyable.  More tote bags coming soon.



  1. It's lovely. I picked up sewing VERY sporadically as an adult and while nothing that I do is perfect and the seam ripper is my very best friend it is something that I just keep working on ( and ripping out sometimes, ha ha : )

  2. Yay your sewing, glad for you keep up the good work! I've got my blog updating been too long ;-D


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