May 23, 2013

Springy Beach Dress and Hat

Is this adorable or what?

Reminds me of ocean water.  Thoughts of the beach, sand, and palm trees flow through my mind when I look at this cute dress.  It must be the colors but it is just so springy and summery.  
 The dress pattern is from Sarah Cooper.  I found it on Ravelry and it is available for purchase.  The pattern is easy to follow. I like the different stitches it calls for.  
The yoke in particular is very unique.  I hadn't made anything quite like this and I really enjoyed it.

Notice all the pretty details.  
Such a fun, feminine, dainty dress.  It's really quite lovely.  
The hat is just a basic hat pattern.  I fancied it up just a bit with a big turquoise flower.  It matches the variegated blue tones in the dress perfectly.
I've actually had this finished for a couple of weeks.  I have a whole stack of crocheted goodies that I haven't shared.  Things have kind of been busy around here so I haven't gotten around to snapping any pictures.  

I'm happy to report that oldest daughter is home from college.  Youngest daughter has finished up school.  And dear son is getting close to finishing but still working on it.  We home school so wrapping up the school year is a big accomplishment around here.  We're quite proud that we've made it another year.  

I know it's late in the season but our trees are just now getting leaves.  Spring happened really late this year because of all the cold fronts rolling through here.  It finally warmed up the last couple of weeks and my trees have budded.

I also have a flew flowers blooming. 

I'm so happy that spring is finally here and school is almost done.  I'm looking forward to spending more time outside. 

Love this time of year! 



  1. Oh! It is so sweet! You crochet Beautifully! The yarn is gorgeous too, WOW! Absolutely lovely set and post as well. Have a great day, happy crocheting! :)

  2. Hi I'm Shari, I just popped over at Sarah's Sweathearts blog and I just had to come take a peak of the little dress she was just bragging about.....It is absolutely adorable! I made a baby blanket out of that same's it just the yummiest yarn ever! I really enjoy looking around your blog and wanted to also let you know that I am now your newest follower.
    Keep up the good work!
    xx Shari/Kashmere Kisses

  3. This dress is so adorable in this gorgeous yarn. I made this dress too, but in pale pink. I think the dress will look fantastic in any color really. Wonderful pattern by Sarah.


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