May 29, 2013

Princess Crowns ♥

Now tell me....

What little girl wouldn't like one of these?
 These were a lot of fun to make!  Easy and quick too.  

 I'd seen these before in blog land and even on Etsy.  I had a basic pattern that I followed the first couple of times but I made a few changes to make it more to my liking.  
 I wanted to be able to thread a ribbon through it so I added a row of double crochet to the base.  I thought long streams of ribbon would be so pretty on the back of one of the toddler crowns.  I can just see this on a little girl with long curly hair.  
 These are used as photo props so I made some for baby boys too.  
 Infant size...
 And added a pretty white bow.
And you know I had to make a pink one.  
 Pink is always so sweet!  
 I added a little ribbon and a few pearls to make it even sweeter.  
 Yes, the funnest part of making these is embellishing them.  
 These work up so quickly you'll want to make several of them in all different colors and sizes.

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  Here's a few things you'll need to get started making your own.


Crochet Toddler Crown by Michele Gaylor

Newborn Crown by Kim Morrow

Princess Crown and Tiara by Ira Rott

soft baby yarn

crochet hooks

satin ribbon (optional)

pearl beads (optional)



  1. They are just adorable. I especially like the one in pale pink. So delicate.

  2. Very cute. I love the ribbons and pearls you added! You're right...any little girl would love to wear one of these and pretend to be a princess.

  3. Oh so cute! I love that they work up so quickly. I want to make a birthday crown for my son this year. Thanks for sharing at Hookin On Hump Day!

  4. Hello hello! Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower. I just had to snoop a little and check out your blog and WOW am I glad that you found me! Your blog is very sweet and I am going to have a good time looking through it. I have saved a few pictures throughout the past months of little crowns that I find on the internet and your crowns are very pretty, cant wait to give them a go. Thanks for sharing where you got the patterns.
    -Your new follower, Birgitta


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