June 11, 2013

Back From Vacation

Does anyone else crochet while on vacation??

I did.  
Our family took a vacation last week.  We went to Ruidoso, NM.  And I'll have you know that I packed a bag full of yarn and patterns.  I can't sit too long without doing anything.  If I'm going to do some sitting I usually want my bag of yarn beside me.

 I managed to finish both of these dresses during our vacation time.  The first dress is a pattern by Mon Petit Violon which I think is really darling.  The second dress is a favorite pattern of mine called Girl's Lace Pinafore from Ravelry.  It's really not as ugly as the photo shows.  The bright colors just don't photograph well.  

I loved the scenic walking trails at Ruidoso.  It's very relaxing to just get out there and enjoy nature.  What could be better than experiencing the beauty that God created.

This bear on my porch is my Ruidoso souvenir.
 I've been wanting one of these since we visited Cloudcroft NM a couple of years ago.  I made sure I came home with one this time.

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  1. Very nice work! Do you live in NM? I live in Albuquerque. I agree, there's a lot of nice things to see in this state. :)


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