August 14, 2013

Strawberries and Cream Dress and Bloomers

Happy August day to all my blogging friends.  Hope y'all are having a wonderful week.  Seems like school is starting all around us but not us.  We still have a couple of weeks of summer left.  I don't plan to start until oldest daughter flies back to college which isn't until the end of this month.  We're also going to squeeze in a quick little mini vacation next week that I'm really looking forward too.  Hoping the mountains of New Mexico will help to refuel and refresh this homeschooling mom before we have to hit the books again.  That's the plan at least anyway.  

This darling little outfit is my latest creation.  

I sure wish I had a precious little girl to put it on.  I would definitely keep it.  It's a favorite of mine.  I love how feminine and lacy it is.  

Pattern for the dress is by the talented Betty Fay Wallace.

This was only my second time crocheting with thread. Up until now I've only used yarn. The tutu skirts in my last post were my first thread project. It's a lot the same as working with yarn only thread requires way more time and patience.  You definitely need good lighting too.  But it yields such a delicate look.

Pattern for the bloomers is by Maria Bittner.  I was looking through my patterns to find something that would go with this dress and came upon this one and thought it would be so cute to make a pair of shorts to pair with it.
Even though I'd really like to keep it, I've added it to my Etsy shop.    I sold a dress on Etsy a couple of days ago and the buyer asked me if I offered gift wrapping.  I hadn't thought about offering a gift wrapping option but I told her I'd be happy to wrap it at no extra charge.  
Here's the package I sent out. Of course I had to put this inside another box for mailing but you get the idea.
I bought these little gift cards at a downtown antique store.  I've had them for a a year or so tucked away in a drawer. While I was wrapping the package I remembered I had them and knew they would be perfect for this kind of thing. 
I've now  added a gift wrap option to my Etsy shop.  I'd like to hear any input or ideas if anyone else does this.  I don't sell too many things on Etsy.  It's actually really hard to get noticed but I thought it would add a nice touch to my store.  

Until next time friends,

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! And amazing too! I know that was a lot of work with thread. It's totally worth it, though, isn't it? Congrats on your sale of the dress, and your gift-wrapping is lovely. I know she was so pleased.

    I bought a pattern from Betty Fay Wallace recently, but I haven't started it.

  2. My goodness, this is soooooo sweet! Simply adorable!

  3. So pretty! Where in NM will you be? I live in Albuquerque. I think you'll find it very relaxing here. :)

    1. We're going to Ruidoso. We went there in June and loved it. Considered going to Albuquerque but the drive was just a bit further. Been there once and loved it too. Thanks Jennifer!

  4. Hi, I love the you made. It's so pretty and feminine.
    Julie from

  5. So very pretty! Love the lacy and feminine style :)

  6. Beautiful work. I love it! And your gift wrap is delightful... Best wishes.

  7. Hello

    Thank you for being my follower, so I had a special importance because it is the number 200, congratulations.
    I loved knowing your blog and loved your works, very perfect and beautiful.
    I will also turn out to be his follower, continued beautiful work.



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