December 17, 2013

Daughter's Coming Home For Christmas

Sitting here anxiously waiting for the clock to turn 5:30.  That's when we'll leave the house to make our way to the airport where we'll pick up our oldest daughter who's coming home from college. She's been in Pensacola Florida at PCC for the last four months. They don't let out for Thanksgiving so we haven't seen her since August 31st when she went back for her sophomore year. It will be nice having her home again. School actually let out on Friday but she flew home with her best friend to spend a few days with her before coming home. She is flying in from Wisconsin stopping in Minneapolis and Dallas before actually making it home.  She's flying home solo so I've been a little antsy watching the clock all day and hubby's been texting me wanting updates on everything.  You know how it is when your kids are traveling. You don't really relax until you see them home and safe and in one piece.  I'm sure you can relate. 

This is our oldest daughter P on the left and her best friend H on the right.  This is a good photo of them.  They were all dressed up for a fine arts formal at school.  Aren't they lovely?  They almost look like sisters.

  Looking forward to spending time with her and having her home again. 


  1. Know the feeling...My girl comes and goes on weekends but it's a true pleasure to have her for the holidays...

  2. They DO look like sisters!! Very Pretty young ladies!!! Glad you are getting to spend time with family......Blessings~~~Roxie

  3. Hi Foxxy, that is wonderful that you will finally be able to spend time over the holidays with your daughter. Enjoy the holidays! Julie

  4. How wonderful that your daughter is coming home and you will spend the holidays together. Happy holidays for you and your family. Thanks for visiting me :)

  5. Gracias Foxxy por tu lindo mensaje y me alegra mucho que puedas disfrutar con tu hija muy bella por cierto todos juntos para Navidad es una fecha muy especial para compartir en familia me alegro por ti besitos.


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