March 3, 2014

A Wonderful Weekend

This weekend I enjoyed a day away with my husband to celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary.  We left the kids at home and drove into the city...just the two of us.  Don't worry, our oldest daughter is nineteen.  She has a drivers license and we left them plenty of money in case they needed anything.  We left in the morning and were back late afternoon. 

There was not a whole lot on the agenda.  Mainly we tackled a few things that needed to get done.  We priced storage sheds for the parsonage we will be living in when we move to New Mexico in the near future.  We priced utility trailers also for our upcoming move.  We looked at weight benches for our son's sixteenth birthday coming up at the end of this month.  And we shopped for a new suit for my husband.  He hasn't had a new one in a couple of years and with him teaching a Sunday School class here and becoming the associate pastor in New Mexico he really needed one.  Thank goodness Joseph Banks had a sale going on.  Buy one suit get three free OR buy one suit and get it at 75% off.  Hubby ended up getting two of them.  Their prices were REALLY high but with the sale they had going they ended up being very reasonable.  Especially for a tailored suit.
Hubby asked me if there was anywhere I wanted to go.  I said I just wanted to look at yarn.  He just smiled and asked me what store to go to.  We went to Michael's first.  I usually get my yarn at Hobby Lobby but I've been wanting to try different brands and chose not to go there.  Michael's had  Loops and Threads on sale and as you can see I picked up a few skeins of it.  I loved the colors and it felt so soft.  
The Sugar' n Cream cotton was on sale too and I picked up a few of those as well.  Cotton is not my favorite to work with but I was attracted to the vibrant colors and I'm sure I can use them for something this upcoming Spring or Summer.

At JoAnn's I only bought two skeins of this lovely green yarn.  The brand is Purl Essence.  I also picked up some bamboo knitting needles.  I thought I was buying a size 8 but when I got home and opened the package it said size 11.  Argh!  I needed a size 8.  I really need to pay more attention to what I'm doing sometimes.
All in all, the day was very enjoyable.  One of the best things about spending the day away with my hubby is the uninterrupted conversation.  Time spent together and meaningful conversation all help to strengthen and nurture the relationship.  While I love being a mom and taking care of my family, it's nice to get away every now and then and just enjoy each others company. It's needed sometimes. 
I love days like that.



  1. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. I love the colours of yarn. Michaels is shops I head straight to when I visit America. God bless.

  2. Happy Anniversary! and what a fun way to spend it!

  3. Happy Anniversary. It sounded like a lovely little get away. You picked out some pretty yarn! We have a new Hobby Lobby in town, and I have only been to see the store from the outside before it opened. I am eager to go this week and check out their yarn!!!
    Happy knitting!
    xo Kris

  4. Love all the yarn colors you choose , check on the size of the hooks...sometimes they says 8mm / 11 US....but it the same's ok....I'm going today to get a pair of bamboo was recommended by a friend.I have practiced also with the them is easier for me to use the smaller sizes ...don't understand why ......but is true....Good luck and see you soon with your knitting projects....;)

  5. Happy anniversary to you both! That's a beautiful photo of you at the end. You're a very attractive couple. I'm so glad you had time together to get out and enjoy yourselves and also get some things accomplished. It's so important to have that time as a couple. Your new yarns look terrific. I like Sugar N Cream too, but I agree it's a bit rough on the hands. If you haven't tried I Love This Cotton, it's much softer and there are a lot of colors.

  6. Hi Beca and Happy Anniversary congrats! You both look so happy! I'm glad you got away just the two of you for the day. It is good to do that without any interruptions. I LOVE all the yarn you bought! Don't worry about the wrong size needles you can just add now to the size 11 and make a chunky scarf with them. All the time I do thing like that too because I rush around so much! Lol! Have a wonderful day and week. Julie

  7. Happy Anniversary to you both Beca!...I love your cotton yarn too...the colours are perfect and it will be lovely to use it for a spring/summer project..x
    Happy New Week!
    Susan x

  8. Happy anniversary to you both!!! It's so special to be able to get away together at that time, even for just a couple of days.... We did the same thing on the 23 rd of feb for our 29th anniversary! It's amazing how much you can plan, do, and accomplish during that

  9. Love the picture of you and your hubby. Such a great picture. Oh, man! Look at all that yummy yarn!

  10. Happy Anniversary, Beca! What a lovely day you shared with your husband! Aren't you a cute couple!:) New Mexico sounds like a wonderful adventure. Can't wait to hear more about that on your blog. The yarn colors are gorgeous! Wish I knew how to create lovely items like you... Lori

  11. Happy anniversary! Love the pics and love the new additions to your stash! ;)

  12. Happy Anniversary !!! You had a lovely day...may you have more and more like this...
    Your yarns are beautiful....

  13. Yarn and hubby...nothing is better than that! Congrats on 23 years, Beca!

  14. Hi Beca, I was thinking about you and the knitting needles just now because I needed to look through at some for a project and I remembered that you said you needed a size 8. Well I have a pair but they art metal in blue or pink if you would like a set let me know & I will wend them to you! Take care and have a nice day.

  15. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! So glad you both had time to spent time together! Love the yarn colors and can't wait to see what you create.

  16. just found your blog..I love it...Love the coasters so colorful and lovely..I love color...:-)
    have a great thursday..

  17. What a wonderful day and great selection of yarn.
    Congratulations in your 23 years of happy! Thanks for stopping by to visit me :)


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