April 17, 2014

Knit Hat Number Two

Here I am again showing you another hat.  
Yes, I'm still knitting.
I keep telling myself the more I practice the better I'll get at it.
Let's hope so anyway...
This is hat number two from the book Itty Bitty Hats. This one is almost identical to hat number one except for a few minor changes in the decrease rows.  I've got the knitting part down but I have a bit of a hard time switching to the double pointed needles.  If I'm not careful my stitches end up really loose and wonky in those decrease stitches.  I've had to go back and correct a few of those and that's not fun at all. 

 I've been working on other things too but unfortunately I have nothing to show for it.  I started on hat number three but got more than halfway through it and then decided to rip it all out.  I was using my new Knit Picks cotton yarn and it wasn't holding it's shape very well so out it went.  Maybe I'll wait a little while before starting it again. I have a few other things that I need to finish. 
 I am very proud to have finished two knit hats...
I am very proud to say I can knit...
it's been something I've wanted to do for a long time...
and it gives me great satisfaction to be able to create things with my hands...
Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might...
Ecclesiastes 9:10


  1. The hat looks gorgeous, well done. The postcard really made me smile. Have a great Easter.

  2. Lovely too !!!!!
    Happy Easter to you and your family !

  3. Too cute!! You are knitting up a storm.

  4. What a pretty purple hat! I love purple. Congrats on another knit finish. I haven't picked up my knitting needles in a while now...been trying to finish up some crochet things I had started. You are knitting up a storm, girl! Looks like you're pretty good at it too! Yay!

  5. Beautiful hats! I am a crocheter, but I love to knit too. So far, I have only knitting dishcloths, and slippers. I need to learn to do more. Great hats!!!
    xo Kris

  6. Wow, this hat looks very pretty in purple too. Nice job!

  7. You are doing great and your hats are turning out gorgeous!

  8. Yes you CAN knit. I felt the same satisfaction when I mastered crochet, though I haven't made any hats yet. That is a good idea using a vase to display the hat. I'm tempted to buy one of those model heads as I make quite a few hats. It would be well used.

  9. How pretty! I love the color. Congrats on not giving up on knitting. I crochet, but haven't been able to learn to knit. Good luck with your new craft. Have a sweet day :-)

  10. It's so pretty, Beca. I love the color. You're getting very good.

  11. Beca, of course you should be proud.... That hat is lovely ..... I have not knitted in like ages now.. Been thinking to pick up my knitting needles again.... Thanks for the verse.... Have a lovely day....

  12. What an adorable trio of little knitters.

    Jean x

  13. Congratulations on your knitting progress Beca, that's a lovely hat and you've done very well!
    I love that script - my Mum used to say "If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well!"
    Happy Easter, Joy x

  14. I love the color ...I'm still in the first one from the time to finish ,taking acre of my lovely granddaughter after work.....will see wen I can come back with the needles and finish it.
    Love the combination you had use....cute !....Congrats are doing well.....perfect. ;)
    Happy weekend. !

  15. lovely!!!

  16. Hi Beca, wow I'm proud of you too with learning to knit. I think knitting is much harder to do than crochet at least for me. I love the purple and white combo too! I have never even attempted double needles or making a hat. I crocheted a hat once that came out looking like a shower cap! Lol! Have a nice weekend and Happy Easter. Julie

  17. Your knitted hats are beautiful Beca!...Well done!!...x (love the colours too!)
    Happy Easter to you and your family,
    Susan x

  18. Super, Beca, applause!! It's such a pretty hat, wonderful color and again such a perfect rose, oh I love it ♥. Sorry to hear that you had to rip out the third hat :-(. Unfortunately 100 % cotton yarn is sometimes difficult for hats because not stretchy. Fingers crossed that the next hat works well :-). Happy Easter!

  19. Adorable, love the colour choices. x


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