April 9, 2014

My First Knitted Hat ♥

I can knit! 
At least hats anyway.
I was thrilled when I was able to finish this hat
 and even more thrilled when it ended up looking ok.
This was my first time using double pointed needles.  The thought was a bit intimidating but once I got started it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I ordered my dpn's online from Knit Picks. I've heard a lot about this brand and I thought this was a good time to try a few of their products. 
Along with the double pointed needles I also ordered a set of interchangeable circular
 needles.  The set comes with two different size cables and two sets of needles, 
one nickel plated and the other in rainbow wood.  Love, love, love the wooden needles.  
Not only do they feel good but  they look good too.  
You can see how pretty they are in this photo.  Just my opinion, but I think the prettier
 something is the funner it is to work with.  Don't you think so also?
I had to order some yarn too.  I couldn't resist.  I had to see for myself what the fuss is all about.  I haven't used any yet but I like what I see.  It's soft and the colors are pretty.  Although I'm surprised how small the skeins are.  I'm used to the big skeins from the big chain stores but I guess fancy things come in smaller packages.  Idk...
I ordered a few cotton, a couple of wool, and a couple of acrylic in a variety of colors.
  I can't wait to grab one and start making something.  The hard choice is deciding which one to reach for first.
This is pattern number one from the book Itty Bitty Hats.  I'm currently working on hat number two.  I'm slowly working my way up to fancier patterns.  I hope to have it finished soon.  
 Wishing everybody a great week.  
xxx, ooo


  1. How darling is that hat?? Oh my goodness! You should definitely make more for your shop!! Lori

  2. Wow, I am really impressed. The hat is wonderful, I love the colour and that beautiful flower.

  3. Your knitting is gorgeous! your needles are gorgeous! and your yarn is gorgeous! :) I'll be following along to see what you come up with! Have fun knitting! (those needles really are so pretty!)

  4. Hi Beca, wow I'm so impressed with your hat! It is just so cute and you did a beautiful job knitting it. I never knitted a hat before and now you are making me want to try one! I love the red flower on it too. The yarn is so pretty too. Have fun with whatever you make. I can't wait to see your next project. Have a nice afternoon.

  5. What a cute little hat (I love the flower on it). Love the new yarn, beautiful colours xx

  6. That hat is beautiful, Beca! Great job with it. The new yarn looks lovely, I've looked at Knit Picks' site quite a bit, though I've never bought anything. Their yarns look great to me.

  7. Hi Mrs Beca....your hat is just perfect,adorable ,cute.....Love the flower detail.You did great.I love it! Congratulations!
    The new yarn colors are so beautiful, also you needles .Congrats.....yeahhhhhh !

  8. Look at you! I'm jealous. I just started in earnest trying to knit. Haven't managed to finish anything yet. I keep noticing errors and frogging everything. Or I drop some of the loops off my hook and am not sure what to do or which ones they were. DUH. I know it will get better. Nice to see that you are having success with it. I like the Knit Picks Brava sport and the Chroma yarn. I've also tried the Wool of the Andes, but I thought it was too "squeaky" and stiff. Those are the only yarns I've tried from them. Your hat is just darling, and I'd never know you were just a beginner and that was your first finish! Yay! Way to go!

  9. Cute. I am jealous too. I need some lessons. Love the hat.

  10. That is very impressive for a first hat, or for any hat actually. I also have some of the wooden needles and they are lovely to knit with. My preferred way to knit a hat is to use a very short circular needle (about 40cm) for the main part of the hat and then to change to dpns for the last few decrease rows. I find it quicker that way. But lots of people knit the way you did. If it works for you, that's all that matters.

  11. Wow that is very impressive and I love the result and the fishing touch of the little rose you have ornamented it with.
    At the moment I'm still on 2 needles and more than that seems a little daunting to me ,but I cannot wait to try soon. . .

  12. Hi Beca, Congratulations! Those are beautifully knitted. I haven't quite been able to brave my way into knitting yet, may be some day... :) The little rose makes it so beautiful....!!

    Love it!

  13. Really lovely hat !!!! It reminds me my first hat...I was 15...
    All your yarns are beautiful !!! Close your eyes and pick up one !
    Have a nice day !!!

  14. An award is waiting for you on my blog...

  15. Your hat is so pretty, especially with that cute flower!! Hope that you enjoy working with the DPN's. xx

  16. Hi Beca and thanks so much for your sweet message over at my place! You've done a lovely job with the hat and the red flower looks gorgeous in situ! I have a few pairs of the beautiful wooden knitting needles and love them - such a pleasure to use aren't they! Happy knitting - and whatever else takes your fancy this week! Joy xo

  17. Congratulations!! What a pretty, pretty hat, Beca :-). And the yarn really looks tempting, I could snap it from the photo ;-). You're right, the wooden rainbow needles are an eye candy and nice to work with! Only disadvantage is that the stitches are more difficult to see/count when working with darker yarn. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  18. The wool looks so lovely, I wouldn't know which to choose first. When I was a little girl my gran knitted all of my jumpers, cardigans, gloves, scarfs etc, I am completely hopeless myself and miss her lovely knitting.

  19. The yarn looks so yummy!! the hat is so cute!! :-) and the flower adds beauty to its simplicity. I have been wanting to learn knitting in the rounds. No needles yet. These from knitpicks are too pricey here in Canada. I'd ordered a different brand back home and a friend of mine is carrying for me :-)


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