January 9, 2015

Spring Scarf is Completed!

It feels so good!
This is the first project I've completed within the last seven months.  

Life has been so busy since the move that...let's just say...crocheting and any other hobby for that matter had been put on the shelf.  The life and role of a Pastor's wife is anything but dull.  Always something to do, places to go, people to visit, fellowships to plan, bulletin boards to change out....etc, etc, etc. I'm also homeschooling our youngest daughter so mornings are dedicated to school work. Our son went back to public school this year so I spend a lot of time driving him back and forth, not to mention attending all of the public school events he's enrolled in, football games...choir concerts. And then there's the every day happenings of life.

 Needless to say, my days are FULL!

It was a little overwhelming at first but I think I've adjusted enough and am able to manage the work load better. I now try to squeeze in a little bit of "me" time. 

I found this cowl/scarf pattern on the internet.  I liked it immediately because of how airy and light it looked.  I don't like big bulky things.  

 I found this scarf to be very enjoyable to work on.  The pattern was easy to follow and it worked up rather quickly.  It only took me two evenings from start to finish. I used less than one skein of yarn.  It's already been blocked and I wore it out tonight on a date with hubby. I love it!  I'm considering making another one in a different color. Although I already have my eye on some other projects I'm anxious to get started on so I guess we'll see what happens.

Wishing everyone a blessed day!

xx Beca

For the link to the pattern click here.


  1. Wow Beca that was fast! Haha I love this scarf so much and the color yarn is great! I bet it looked real pretty on you. Life is hectic for you but I'm glad that you are settling into the routine. It's great that you found some time for yourself to make this scarf. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work. Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs, Julie xoxo

  2. Glad you are settling into your new life and feel more settled. A really fast make that is so pretty, good luck with your new projects what ever you decide on. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. A busy mom....and a beautiful scarf with a lovely green....
    Have a great weekend !

  4. Your scarf is beautiful! I am glad that you are working things out to how they work best for you and how you want them to be. It is always hard to make big changes in life and transition from one thing to another, but it sounds as though you are doing it really well! xx

  5. Well done you! Love your pretty new scarf/cowl - that colour is simply lovely. Keep looking upwards and your days will soon settle into themselves. Have a happy weekend,
    hugs xx

  6. You sound very busy Beca but nicely busy :) love your scarf and the colour you chose it's very pretty. x

  7. Hi Becca! I'm very glad you are getting all settled in and more comfortable in your new community. You are way too busy!!!
    Your scarf is beautiful and I love vibrant color! Thank you for sharing the pattern. BTW...your doxie is super cute. What is its name?

  8. Oh, Beca, the scarf is beautiful! Love the color and the pattern! So nice stopping by and perusing your sweet blog!

    Kindly, Lorraine


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