October 23, 2015

Fall Blanket

Well the weather has definitely turned cool. 
I think Fall has settled in.  

We got a lot of rain this week so I've been staying inside mostly.  This kind of weather always makes me feel like making pot of soup and grabbing something warm and cozy to work on.  

I've had this piece of fleece for a while now.  I bought it to make a stadium poncho for my sons football games.  Well I never got around to making the poncho so I decided to turn it into a blanket.  All it needed was a crochet border to finish it off.

I did a blanket stitch all the way around first.  That's what took the longest.  Pulling the yarn through the fleece wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.  My fingers got a little sore the first day.  I now know that there is a rotary cutter blade that makes this step easier. I wished I would have had one but I'll be ordering one soon to use later on future blankets.
 Two rows of single crochet was all it needed.  Now it's ready to go with me to my son's game tonight.  This was an easy project.  I would love to make some smaller ones to keep on hand for baby showers.  My blanket is two yards of fabric so I was thinking one yard would be a good size for babies.  The crochet edge gives it that homey "made with love" touch without having to crochet the whole blanket. Kind of a cheater blanket in a way.  The hand made look without all the fuss.

This month is Monkey's first birthday.  She's our little miniature doxie.
She turned one on Oct. 5th.  We've had her since December when she was itty bitty.  She was passed down to us by a family member who bought her but then realized she couldn't keep her because she was too much for her to keep up with.  We took her in in December and she's been with us ever since.

 She loves laundry. 
 Most of  the time she likes to dig out the socks to play with and chew on 
but every now and then she'll curl up and take a nap right in the hamper.

She's a funny little thing.
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.



  1. What a great idea for an instant blanket. I'll keep that in mind if I ever need a gift in a hurry.

  2. That's a very clever idea for a blanket. The crochet edging looks beautiful.
    Your dog is so adorable. I love the picture of her in the laundry basket. Too cute!

  3. Now that is an impressive make, a great idea for a quick gift. I love the beautiful contrast of the crochet edge, gives it a vintage look. Beautiful looking dog. Have a great weekend.

  4. Your blanket is so pretty and the edging looks so nice. Monkey looks like she is smiling. Happy birthday to her! She is just so darn cute!
    Enjoy the weekend.

  5. Happy birthday to Monkey!!! She looks so sweet and she looks very happy to have a family like yours!!!

    Your blanket turned out beautifully, and it turned out just right for football games! You have given me a great idea...pinned. Don't be shock to see something similar to this soon! Thank you for the tip on the rotary tool.
    Have a great weekend!!!

  6. Oh Beca!
    I'm just seeing your precious little Doxie!
    We have Phoebe who will be 7 November 17th. She is a short haired, Chocolate, Double Dappled Mini.
    Phoebe is our third Dachshund....
    Can you guess what our favorite doggie breed is? ;-)
    I always say, "You can't run a proper household without a Weenie Dog {or two...}."
    We had Sophie who passed last September.
    Enjoy your little Monkey!


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