October 13, 2015

Enjoying the day

It's a nice warm October day today.
Really can't ask for better weather this late in the year.  Mid eighties and a bit breezy. 
 I think I'll go find something to do outside this afternoon just to enjoy the sunshine.
 One of my favorite things to do is go junking.
Love, love, love walking through all the aisles and stopping at all the booths looking at all the interesting things.  I had the urge last week so I made a trip into town and shopped at a couple of antique stores.  I brought home only a few things. ...

This aluminum grease jar brought back a few memories.  
My mother used to have one of these in her kitchen.  She used it all the time.  
I've been wanting one for a while so I was happy when I came across it.

I also picked up this little Texas cookbook.  I was sold on the cover.  The bluebonnets in the background, the Texas shape on the bottom corner....I couldn't resist.  I've been a little home sick for my home state so I've been snatching up all the Texas things I can find.

I didn't really need this Tupperware pickle container but it was a good price. 
 I already have a smaller one in the refrigerator that I keep pickled jalapenos in.  But I love the Tupperware line and I thought I'd bring it home anyway.  It was a good deal.

And my favorite find is this pretty floral blanket. I always take a lot of blankets with me to my son's football games so this will be my new lap blanket.

My son's team won their game on Saturday.  They are now 7 - 0.  It was a long drive to Albuquerque but it was worth it.  They played great and ended up winning 49 to 17.  

I love watching him play. 
 (He's number 12)
I can't believe they've already played seven games.  This year is going by so quick.  They have this week open so no football game this Friday night.  I think we could all use a little rest so that's a good thing.  I hope you all are enjoying your week too.  



  1. Hello Beca,
    Such lovely weather you are having by you! I love your finds and how fun to go to your son football games.
    Enjoy your week.
    Julie xo

  2. Sounds like perfect weather to me which equals the best time outdoors! It will be great for and your family to have a weekend all to yourselves!!!
    Great treasures, and I don't ever remember seeing a grease pot before. It brings memories of mom always saving the bacon grease for later though...
    Sounds like you're homesick...

  3. Hope you have a wonderful family weekend. You certainly found some great treasure, I love the grease pot.

  4. Lovely finds !
    Have a nice day !

  5. Isn't it great when you find things that bring back such good memories! xx

  6. I love this pretty weather too and your fun finds, especially the Texas cookbook. I went to the thrift store this morning. I took a donation....but shopped a little too! Hugs!

  7. It's a great satisfaction to see the children grow! and you're a proud mother of his children, Congratulations, Beca!
    Hope you have a nice day! kisses from Catalonia!

  8. It's a great satisfaction to see the children grow! and you're a proud mother of his children, Congratulations, Beca!
    Hope you have a nice day! kisses from Catalonia!

  9. Hi Beca! I just added your blog to my blog list and also hearted your Etsy shop.

  10. Hi just discovered your blog, greaty thrifty finds. Leah xxxx

  11. Hi Beca, thank you for stopping by mine and leaving a comment :) I enjoy a trip to the thrift stores too, and usually sneak out with a little something that caught my eye. The grease tin is a great idea ... old-fashioned ideas are usually the most practical. My MIL once gave me a set of tin flour/sugar/coffee caddies that looked identical to your tin. I finally put them in goodwill as I never used them. Good luck to your son's football team! We've been immersed in our Blue Jays baseball these days.


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