October 9, 2015

Friday Nights....

Here we are already in October.  It's hard to believe.  Fall has sneaked in and brought with it some cooler temperatures. My favorite seasons are Spring and Summer but after a few months of the heat the lower temps are always a nice welcomed change.

High school football is in full swing. This is one of the reasons why we stay so busy.  Our kids keep us busy.  Our son is a senior this year and is a starter on the football team.  This is where you'll find us on Friday nights.  Sitting in the bleachers cheering for our favorite player.  It really is a lot of fun when you have someone to root for.  

Our son (M) plays receiver.  He's no. 12.  Black jersey.

Here he is running the ball.  He ended up making a touchdown on that play.  

 Last week was homecoming.  It's a tradition in our area for the young girls to wear mums on homecoming.  I know not all states do that.  We're from Texas and they go all out for homecoming.  They do it BIG.  The biggest mums come from Texas.  Now that we live in New Mexico we were surprised at the mums they sell here.  We thought they looked small compared to what we were used to back home.  

I wanted something to wear too so I made me a "mom mum".   Just some ribbon attached to M's button.  I dug around in my crafting supplies and found some scrapbook letters which I used to add his name and number.  I also decorated my cow bell just for fun. 

This was M's garter.  It went straight from the store to the wall in his room.  The boys wear these around their arm but since M plays football he couldn't wear it.  Next to it on the wall is the garter from the last place we lived in Texas.  You can see it has way more glitter and trinkets.  They do everything bigger in Texas.

I'm a football mom!

I ordered this shirt from Etsy a few weeks ago and it finally came in the mail today. 
 Can't wait to wear it.

 Just a few more pics...

My favorite pic.
 Love this one.

This weeks game is scheduled for tomorrow.  It's out of town so we'll be making the four hour drive to Albuquerque in the morning.  That's the thing about living in New Mexico.  It's so sparsely populated that we have to drive a long way to play other teams.  They're off to a great start.  They are 6 - 0 right now.  Let's hope we can make it 7 - 0 tomorrow.



  1. Hope the game goes well. The shirts are wonderful and great that you are all their supporting your son and his team. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hi Beca,
    Oh thanks so much for sharing these nice football photos of you son. I really love that last photo and your three kids! You t shirt is so cute. Good luck with the long drive for the game - I hope they win. Have fun and enjoy the weekend.

  3. Welcome back Beca!!!
    What fun HS Football season is...especially when your son is part of the team!!! What great memories your family is creating by spending so much time between trips back and forth from may not be fun now, but believe me, in the near future you and your family will reminisce!!!
    I do hear that everything in Texas is BIG!!!


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