February 6, 2016

Planning and Creating

Well January came and went in a flash and here we are in February already.  
How did that happen so fast?

As you all know, February is the month of love.
Valentine's Day is fast approaching and our church has a Valentine's Banquet
planned for next Friday evening.  Hubby and I are in charge of it and
so for the past month or so I've been busy planning for it.

I've done a  lot of shopping...
I've done a lot of buying...
I've done a lot of pinning...
and I've also been doing a little bit of creating.

I have several tables to decorate and while store bought decorations are good...
I also wanted to make some hand made accessories to add a personal touch
and a little bit of whimsy.  So this is what I've been doing.
  I dug out all my pretty fabric and trims and vintage buttons and spread them all out on my kitchen table.  I hope nobody gets hungry anytime soon.  I might be here a while.  I'm making several of these little puffy patchwork hearts.
I love any excuse to get out all my pretties I've collected over the years and playing with them.
They're too pretty to be kept away in a cabinet.
Who can resist a jar full of vintage buttons?
Not me.
More buttons...
It seems I've been playing more than I've been working
but it's all so fun you can hardly call it work at all.
And I've also been doing some baking.
 I made these cupcakes last week for the teenagers at our church.  
I must say, I impressed myself.  I think they ended up looking pretty good. 
  I have more baking to do today.  I plan on making some Valentine cookies for the junior church kids my husband teaches.  They love getting a treat to take home.  It always garners cheers and smiles.

Til next time friends.  I'll update you on my progress.
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  1. Lovely materials ...and yummy cupcakes !!!!
    Have a creative and fun weekend !

  2. Everything looks fantastic, you got nothing to worry about it will be a lovely banquet x

  3. Definitely looks like a whole lot of crafty fun. :)

  4. Now that is my kind of crafting, vintage buttons and lace is my all time favourite thing to collect.

  5. Beca I can wait to see your finished handmade hearts. Don't forget to take a pic of your table all decorated.
    I love to see your collection of lace. I have one but tend to be too stingy to part with it.

    I have just become the Programs Chairperson of our Church group, and I love the idea of a Valentine's Banquet. I need to get in touch with you to get more ideas about church programs. One I would like to do is a Tea Party for Mother's Day.
    Have a great day!

  6. Aww you sound like you have been so busy with the preparations for the Valentine's Banquet. I love how pretty your cupcakes look and I bet they will be delicious. I hope you have a fun time and have a Happy Valentine's Day.
    Hugs, Julie xo

  7. I'm eager to see your finished patchwork hearts. All those laces, trims and buttons look so lovely. Yummy cupcakes! I'm drooling.

  8. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! The Peaceful Wife is truly a wonderful book. Your blog is absolutely delightful and I also have a love of buttons! They're little bits of happy. Don't you agree? <3 Lori

  9. Very creative and pretty! Love all those buttons!

  10. Such lovely, lovely straight from the heart Valentine's Becca!
    I know everyone had to have loved them :-)


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