January 28, 2016

Finished Baby Blanket

Earlier this week I shared with you a baby blanket I was working on.
Well, I managed to finish it in time for the baby shower...
...but just barely.
I finished it the morning of.

The only thing is I got so carried away with the last minute details
 that I completely forgot to take pictures of it.
I hate it when that happens.
It wasn't until I came home after the baby shower that I had a v-8 moment.  
Sometimes there's just too much going on and my mind gets frazzled and I don't 
remember to do everything that I'm supposed to do.
 These are the only pictures I have.
I took these on my phone while I was working on it.
Thank goodness I at least did that or I would have nothing to show you.
 These are my granny squares with the last round in white ready for joining.
 After I joined all the squares I did two rounds in granny stitch.  
For the border I did one single crochet round in blue and a decorative scallop edge in pink.
I think it finished it off nicely.
 I was able to block it before I gave it away so the seams lay nice and flat.  
It was so soft and looked so pretty folded up. 
It's such a shame I didn't take more photos.
The new mom was happy with her blanket which is all that really matters.
It gave me great pleasure to put this together for her.
I hope it serves the baby well and she keeps it for many years.

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  1. Hello Beca, wow the blanket is just beautiful. I really love the soft colors of it. I will have to make one like that sometime. I am following you on Instagram and I hope you follow me back too. I am @brklynhousewife on Instagram or you can go to my blog to follow me. Have a wonderful day and weekend.
    Julie xo

  2. The blanket looks very pretty. Yeah, too bad there are no more photos to admire.

  3. So beautiful !!!!!!!
    Have a nice weekend !

  4. What a gorgeous baby blanket Beca!
    A real labor of love... all those granny squares... all those ends to work in.
    I love granny squares but I have to be "in the right mood".
    And I can't tell you how many times I've packaged something up and sent it off or given it and realized I didn't get a Blog or Ravelry picture!
    By the way... I just became your newest follower on Instagram :-)
    I a Danetteknits on Instagram.
    And Front Porch Knits on Ravelry {if you're on there} and Front Porch Knits on Etsy.
    Tootles My Friend,
    Happy Weekend,

  5. It is beautiful! I am sure that it will be greatly treasured! xx

  6. Very pretty colors and I love handmade baby blankets! I think they're the best gifts for baby showers! Don't be too hard on can only do so much!


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