March 21, 2017

Hello Spring...

A new season is upon us.
Spring is the season of new beginnings.  When the dead of winter is gone and new life springs up from the ground. When animals wake from their winter slumber, dormant trees start to bud, flowers begin to grow, and sounds of birds chirping fill the air.  I love this time of year.  There is a certain kind of freshness that comes with the new season.  A fresh optimism for life. We now have longer days.  It's amazing what all that can do for your soul.  I feel like even my mood is lifted.  How bout that?  Isn't Spring wonderful?

Recently we've been blessed with oodles of fresh farm eggs.  I think I have four eighteen count cartons in my refrigerator.  Most of them were given to us from an elderly lady in our church that lives out in the country and has free range chickens. She likes to come to church with cartons of eggs and gives them out to different families spreading the love here and there.  Some also came from my husbands parents who have a farm and also raise chickens.

I mostly like to look at them.  I think they are so beautiful.  All those lovely shades and colors.  They almost look like Easter eggs.  The green ones are my favorite but then again the speckled khaki ones are adorable too.  Eating them takes a bit of getting used to.  The yolks are darker more intense orange than the store bought eggs.  It makes for some very orange breakfast burritos but I've been told the darker the yolks the better they are.

Hmmm...healthy and free.  You can't beat that.

Have y'all seen the new Pioneer Woman collection at WM?  These are new in our store this week.  I picked up a couple of pieces from her old line last week.  They were on clearance I suppose to make room for her new line.  
Isn't it gorgeous?
I really must get me some of these bowls.  The yellow polka dot floral pattern is irresistible.  I also really love the turquoise plates with the red flowers.

Uhhh I'm in love.
I brought home one of the small plates to set in my plate rack in my kitchen.

I also picked up this sugar bowl.  I love the vibrant happy colors.
As you can see it matches my kitchen perfectly. 

A new thing I've been doing is drinking cucumber water.  My husband got me started on this.  He read somewhere that it's super healthy so we gave it a shot.  It tastes pretty good.  I've been adding lemons which makes it taste even better.

If you're like me and you think drinking plain water is boring then give this a try.  I think you'll be reaching for it more.

Here's to new beginnings.
Until next time.


  1. Hi Beca! Cucumber water sounds like a great idea!
    I love the PW dishes and I wish I didn't already have a cupboard full of dishes. Maybe I should start over?
    Take care and have a happy week!

  2. I love the feeling of spring and new beginnings, it is uplifting. Very pretty crockery xx

  3. I love your blog.. it's so beautiful.. I'm following you... will you follow me back please?

  4. Such a pretty post! Love the beautiful eggs in the bowl and your new dishes <3 My daughter bought me one of the mixing bowls for Christmas. I love the sugar bowl! Happy Spring! x K

  5. Lovely items !!! Lovely post !
    Have a great day !

  6. Hi Beca, what a lovely post. Your Hello Spring introduction just set the mood . . . you're a very good writer. The eggs are beautiful and your dishes so pretty. I have heard of cucumber water, but never tasted it . . . maybe a better summer choice than lemonade, no sugar involved :) Here's wishing you a lovely day!
    Connie :)

  7. I really did think the eggs had been dyed for Easter. How interesting that they come is such a variety of colours. Our store bought eggs are plain, boring white, and the yolks are really pale! I've seen this pioneer woman line on someone else's blog as well. Very colourful, reminds me of Mexican pottery a bit. Enjoy your weekend,


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