March 30, 2017


This is my view for a good part of the day.
It is a favorite space for me as I spend a lot of time in this area.  It is my work space.
I prepare a lot of meals here.  I wash a lot of dishes.  These are the faces that look back
at me when I as I go on about my day.  The window over my kitchen sink is home to a small
group of happy little foxes.  When your last name is Fox it's easy to have fun with it and
end up with a few of these.  Foxes are so popular these days that I find them in the stores
quite often.  Usually in the fall they pop up quite a bit.  I always have to fight the urge to
bring every single one of them home.  
 Being that Spring has newly arrived and I have Spring fever, I have added into to the mix a couple of small planters. 

This little monkey came from WM.  He came with grass seed that grows like hair.  Although he is not a fox I think he feels right at home nestled in among the other little critters.  His hair grows fast.  I think he'll be due a hair cut soon.

I didn't plant this one.  I picked up this plant at our local supermarket a few months back for almost nothing.  It was fall themed and was on clearance so home it came with me.  It had a scruffy scarecrow attached to it but that part ended up in the trash.  I only kept the little basket with the plant.  I hate to pass these up when they're marked down.  I always think if they don't sell they'll end up in the trash.  So I like to think I rescued it.  The fox plant stake came from WM as well.

This one came from Family Dollar and it's sunflowers.  These popped up really quick.  I think it took only three days for them to break through.  I'll need to seperate these soon but they'll go in my back yard later.

We had a special birthday over the weekend.  Our son Michael turned nineteen.  He is very special to us.  He is our middle child and our only son.  Being the only boy he gets a lot of love from his sisters.  He is a freshman at college studying Electronic Engineering so he is quite smart too.
We celebrated by taking the family out to eat.  It seems to be a birthday tradition in our family to go out to eat.  I cook a lot and family meals are usually at home so going out is always a treat.  
Here he is enjoying his birthday ice cream.
It's hard to believe this is his last year as a teenager.   It seems like he was only a little boy just the other day.  I wish time would do me a favor and slow down a little bit.  

Loving our full life.
Til next time,


  1. I love foxes too, your windowsill looks so sweet. Happy birthday to your son, it does pass far too quickly xx

  2. Loving the fox theme windowsill!! Yes, time flies by in a blink.

  3. Your window looks so cheerful . . . we spend so much time at the kitchen sink that it's nice to make it pretty and be a happy place for us as we do our daily chores. I can not imagine not having a window over my sink. I'm one of those rare people who enjoy washing dishes and having a view and flowers or plants in the window add to the enjoyment. I especially like the little fox that is sitting in the plant . . . you have a sweet collection.
    Happy Spring!
    Connie :)

  4. Your collection on the windowsill is very pretty and makes for an even more lovely view out the window. Happy birthday to your boy. Mine were both born in October and this year will be turning 22 and 19, respectively. Very hard for me to believe especially since they are both so very far away in college. :( Even far away from each other (CO and NY) Happy Friday!

  5. I have a little fox silhouette in my kitchen too :) Love your foxy pieces, and all your sweet little plants. My indoor plants suffer from my terrible care of them. I should just leave them outside in winter as it takes all summer long to revive some of them. Happy Birthday to your son!! My son is turning 19 in a couple of months too. Yes ... our little babes ;)

  6. Hi Beca! I just found your blog, and what a happy place it is! Love the foxes! Their happy cheerful faces make your kitchen area delightful, and I love all the plants you have growing too! Our son will turn nineteen in April! Indeed, time flies way, way too fast! He is in college as well. Our daughter just turned 21. Seems like just yesterday they were born! I'm very happy to meet you today, and look forward to getting to know you better, have a blessed weekend :)

  7. Hello, I think your window sill looks wild FOX'S LOL
    Its hard to believe how fast our children grow up! I love spring yet today we got 6 more inches of snow! Hope to stop in again and visit you and your blog...
    Blessings, Roxy


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