April 6, 2017

More Blankets...

How many blankets can one girl have you ask?

Well, when you're a crocheter, knitter, or even a quilter, you somehow end up with what seems like a gazillion of them.  It's inevitable.  You start out making one, then another, then another, and before you realize it there are piles of blankets sitting around the house.

Oh but they're so pretty.
That's what we tell ourselves.
That's how we justify making even more of them. 

And that is just what I've come to share with you today.
More blankets.

These fleece blankets are my favorite to make.  Adding a pretty crochet border to a piece of store bought fleece is quick and easy.  Very satisfying too I might add.  

This burgundy plaid blanket is my favorite.  I take it everywhere.  It packs well since fleece is so lightweight.  It's kept me warm during many football games and track meets.

This is actually a redo.  As you can see in the photo below I had already added a border a couple of years ago.  You can read about that post here.  I made a mistake and used Caron Simply Soft.  With all the use this blanket has gotten the yarn didn't hold up well.  It was looking frazzled and worn.   I've learned that the Caron yarns get fuzzy really quick.  So I spent a couple of evening ripping out the old border and putting on a new one.  I used Red Heart Super Saver this time.  It holds up much better.  It's what I've used on all these blankets.  

 This blanket below was a goodwill find.  It's only a small lap blanket but I was drawn to the Native American print and colors. It's quite popular here in New Mexico.   

It was still in it's original plastic packaging and came from an Indian school in Montana.  I love it.  It's very eye catching.

This camouflage throw was one we already had.  I think our son Michael received it as a gift many years ago during a Christmas gift exchange at church.  Although I'm not certain about that.  It's been many years ago.  It already had the blanket stitch so adding a border was a breeze.

I've posted about this one recently.  You can read about it here.   It's also a favorite.

I've also posted about this one although it's been a while.  I absolutely adore it.  Another favorite.
You can read about it here.

See what I mean? 
Pretty piles.
There's no stopping it.
I'll probably make more.

What are you working on?


  1. Your crochet borders are gorgeous!! I have plans to work up a quilted blanket with crochet joins this Spring and Summer. You quilt up a bunch of 5 inch squares and then join each quilted square with crochet borders and accent with crochet flowers. I cannot wait to start it up soon. But I might have to give a fleece blanket border blanket a try too!!

  2. What a great idea, those blankets look really special with their lovely crochet borders. :)

  3. The crochet borders are simple gorgeous.. they are looking so stunning..

  4. That is such a good idea! One can never have enough blankets and the fleecy ones are the best in my opinion :)

  5. Once you discover how well something works for you, the obvious decision is to make more ;) These are some nice blankets. We used some fleece blankets for the kids around the campfire when they were small. I never thought to add a border, but it sure makes a plain blanket something special.

  6. I've bought some fleece today to make into a blanket, it never occurred to me to crochet around it, yours are just so beautiful xx

  7. Your crocheted borders are so pretty, they make each blanket become very specie and lovely. What a talented girl you are :)

  8. You have a lovely collection and the crochet borders really do make them something special! Very pretty and practical!

  9. Hi Beca, what a great idea to add a crochet border to fleece blankets. They really look great this way and I like all of your pretty blankets. The first one I like the best!

  10. I love your blankets and the crochet makes them really special. The Floral one with the green edging is my favorite. I followed your link to when you first posted It. Do you have instructions as to how you make them? Have you ever bought fleece and made one from scratch? I would love to make a small one because they are just so pretty.

    1. Yes the first blanket pictured is one made from a piece of fleece fabric. So is the gray one with the yellow border. I haven't written instructions but the procedure is relatively simple. I plan on doing a tutorial soon.
      xx Beca

  11. They all are very pretty! I especially like the last one!

  12. They are ALL so pretty, Beca! Well done!

  13. I love your pile of blankets, Beca! They look so cozy and the edgings are so pretty! I can see why you want to make more - I want to make one, too! Hugs xo Karen

  14. Yes I've been meaning to plan a tutorial for these borders. I should have one posted soon.
    xx Beca


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