May 19, 2017

Doily Making...

I was in the doily making mood so I went with it.

I don't usually crochet doilies.  In fact I can't remember when was the last time I made one.  I know I've made a few of them before but not many.  It's a small one so it came together rather quickly.  I took it with me last weekend on our trip to Albuquerque.  We went to watch the state track meet.  We had a few special people we wanted to watch compete.  It was a four hour trip up there and a four hour trip back home.  I finished it by the time we made it home.

You like my vintage spice canister?  I picked it up at my favorite charity shop this week.  Only it's not a spice canister.  It wasn't until I made it home that I opened the lid and read that it was a tobacco canister.  Oops!  I picked up two of them.   The other one says ginger on the front so I know that one is a spice jar.  I just assumed this one was too.  I hope no one notices.  It might look a little shady sitting on the preachers kitchen counter.  Ha ha!  I don't endorse tobacco products I just like old stuff.


 Really I don't think anyone will mind.
I don't think anyone would look that close anyway right?

Picked up these cool storage jars at WM.  I have a thing for jars and these were hard to pass up.  Take a look at the lids.  Aren't they fab????
Love the Pioneer Woman line.

The pattern for the doily is a free one I found on the web.
The link is here if you're interested.

I'm so happy it's Friday.  The track meet last weekend was fun.  I cheered a lot for our home team but sitting in the blistering hot sun on metal bleachers is exhausting.   I'm looking forward to a wonderful and restful weekend.  Maybe I'll crochet another doily.

Til next time.



  1. Such a pretty doily in a lovely colour. I really like the glass jars, I find bits like that hard to resist too xx

  2. Hello, I love that sweet doily! Maybe this winter I may try making one! And your tins are just adorable, and no one will notice the tobacco emblem LOL
    I also love glass jars to store crackers and such in them! Hope you have a nice weekend!
    Blessings, Roxy

  3. It's very pretty I love the colour, it must be the week of the doily because ive been making them too. Have a great weekend. :) x

  4. What a pretty post . . . love the tins and your doily is so pretty. That's a lost art and it's great to see that you are keeping it alive :)

  5. I love your crochet doily.. and the vintage canister is awesome..

  6. You made such a pretty doily and I love those cute canisters!
    Have a nice week.

  7. It is such a lovely doily! Thank you for the link! That website has such beautiful doily patterns!

  8. Such talent! Really! So pretty, Beca!

  9. Hi Beca,

    Thank you for your kind comment!

    Your doily is beautiful! I love crocheting doilies, they add such old-fashioned charm to a home. : )

    Your storage jars are lovely. I have a couple items from the Pioneer Women collection and really enjoy using them.



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