June 6, 2017

Catching up...

With the school year coming to an end, the days have now settled into a calm and slower pace.
I'm enjoying it actually.  I have a whole list of things that I've wanted to get done that I had not had time to do with everything being so busy and chaotic.  So quiet mellow days are just what this girl needed.  Time to catch up with those things that always get pushed to the bottom of the list.

The first thing I wanted to do was get my house in order.  Things can get pretty messy when life gets full, especially in a small space.  The house was feeling a little neglected.

Things were starting to pile up on the counter.

My yarn was getting a little out of control by my chair in the living room.

I'm old fashioned at heart so being able to stay home and take care of these things is medicine to my soul.  I love these kind of days.  To me they are so very satisfying.

With the warmer weather comes the lighter meals.  I wasn't in the mood to fix a big dinner the other night so I looked for a salad recipe and tried this one.  It was wonderful.  It's my new favorite salad recipe.  I made extra dressing thinking I would need more since I added more veggies than called for but it wasn't needed.  It's basically just pasta and whatever veggies you like.  I added a whole bag of  Birds Eye Southwest Blend frozen vegetables which had corn and black beans and a few other things.  It was oh so good.  Recipe is here if you're interested.  We simply ate ours with Club crackers.

My current wip.  I started this shawl a  year or two ago.
I came across it the other day and decided to pick it up and finish it.   I'm changing color every row or every other row.  I'm really liking the look it's taking on.

I made another doily.  It's exactly like the blue one from the previous post only this one is one solid color.  Same pattern though.  Pattern is called Spring Song and it is found here.

My summer reading.  I ordered these books online.  My plan is to read all three of them over the summer break.  It's a series of novels about Pastors' wives and their everyday crazy lives.  I don't read much but I was intrigued being a Pastor's wife myself.  The books sounded cute and funny and I think they will be an easy read.  I found them cheap at Thrift books.  Four dollars a book with free shipping.  I love a good bargain, don't you? 
 Til next time.
See ya,


  1. Oooo the pasta salad looks so yummy, I really want that for tea now!
    Love your doilies too, so pretty,

  2. Hi Beca, that is what I need to do desperately once next week is done and my teen is finished with school. I want to get into her room and organize clothes. I really need to clean up our dining room table which is covered in school books. I too love the easiness of summer. I too want to do more reading books. I hope you enjoy the books you picked out to read. That salad looks so good. I will have to make it sometime. I like the doily you made too.
    Take care and enjoy the summer.
    Julie xo

  3. I love to be at home and tidy up, I think because I've always stayed at home, it makes the house so important to me. Your doily is so pretty xx

  4. As you said it is time now to keep the house neat.Yummy salad! You have done a good job.All your work looks great:)

  5. The salad does look delicious! Sweet photos - love your shawl and doily :) The title of the book made me laugh - looks like a good read. Let us know if they are! xx Karen

  6. Your crochet shawl is looking lovely and your doily is so beautiful and delicate!
    Agree, summer heat is perfect for lighter food prep... I love salads! That salad is a staple here, it keeps well in the fridge for a couple of days (depending on which veggies were added). It travels well (picnics). You could use a different dressing (homemade ranch for example). I add chicken sometimes, shrimp goes well too, or fresh mozzarella pearls. The tri-color wheat pasta was my to go pasta for it, now I make it with rice pasta so everyone in the family can eat it.

  7. Sounds like you are all prepared to have a lovely Summer, your crochet is lovely the shawl will be so colourful and pretty when it's done. I don't particularly enjoy tidying my home because it seems to be just as bad a couple of hours later haha. The salad looks yummy. :) x


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