October 12, 2017

Grace ♥

I love scrolling through my favorite blogs and seeing
photo after photo of pretty Fall decorations.  



living rooms...

table settings...


it's all so inspiring to me.  

I've spent a few hours at the church this week decorating it for the Fall season so I haven't gotten around to sprucing up my own home yet. When I spend too much time at the church I feel like my home gets neglected.

The Halloween twinkle lights over my kitchen window is the extent of my decorating.  It's a start at least.  I'm not quite finished at the church but it's close to being done so I'll leave it like that until later in the week.  Today I think I'll spend some time out in my front porch.  It needs the attention, bad.

I attended a ladies retreat this past weekend with a few other ladies from our church.  It was quite a large event.  I think I remember someone saying there were over four hundred ladies in attendance.  A church from a nearby town puts one on every year.  The good thing is that it was close to home and we didn't have to travel long, only twenty minutes.  

I'm not usually a fan of this type of event.  In fact, if I can be honest, I was dreading going.  I get a little anxiety being in a group this large and besides, I could think of many other things I could do with my time  ((and my money))  if I just stayed home.  

I hesitate to say things like that because people expect pastors wives to be perfect social butterflies who have no struggles and do everything right. I don't want to disappoint anyone but I just want to say, we are just ordinary people with real flaws and real struggles.  Anyway, I'll leave this topic for another day.  For now, I hope you all understand me.

The speaker was good.  She spoke on the subject of grace and how we needed it every day in all matters of life.  We need grace in order to extend kindness to others, to be good mothers, good wives, to forgive others, and to forgive ourselves.  Her words were simple and practical but important and needed.

They had eighty - one gift baskets to give away.  I was the recipient of one giant Fall basket.  It had all kinds of things packed in there.  Things to eat, things to bake, things to decorate with, and a lot of paper goods for Thanksgiving day.

Although I didn't want to go, I'm glad I went.  I was blessed not only by the message but by the time I spent with my girls (my church ladies).  They are a fun group.  Within fifteen minutes of being in the van with them my mood lifted.  Of course I was sitting by the feisty, playful one who gives everyone a hard time and makes everyone laugh.  Doesn't every group have a friend like that?  I sure hope so.  They make everything funner. 
 Thankful for my sister hood.

Feeling blessed


  1. Sounds like a wonderful event. It isn't always easy to be a social butterfly whatever your status, sometimes expectations are put on ourselves. We are all human and with Gods help many difficult situations are overcome. I had a similar struggle starting at our new Church and mixing in the community but it is getting easier each time I go out. Like you I feel blessed.

  2. I know what you mean. I was at this "get to know you" thing at church and I hated it. I wanted to pop myself home because I hate group games when everyone laughs at dumb stuff and pretends like they aren't miserable! You're right when you say people expect a lot from pastors' wives AND pastors.
    I'm glad you won the big basket, learned more (or again) about Jesus and His benevolent grace AND got to spend time with your peeps!

  3. I can't say that I celebrate Halloween. Whilst I remember, we have a faith film night at a church house. We watched a film about Grace which can be purchased through amazon. It's called The Grace Card. I definitely recommend it, many of the Christian film are really good. Cx

  4. Hi Beca, it was so good that you went to that retreat with all the other women. Sometimes it's good to push ourselves into doing something that we don't want to do and then you wind up having a great time. I have had that happen to myself.
    I have to do a little bit of decorating outside my house with mums and pumpkins.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  5. It was a wonderful event.. I think I'm like you.. I also love to stay at home, better utilize my time.. :)


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