October 17, 2017

It's Starting to Look Like Fall... 🎃 🍃 🍂

It's definitely pumpkin season.

 I was amused walking through the supermarket the other day seeing all the different varieties of pumpkins they had.  

Big orange classic pumpkins...

Small round white pumpkins...

green lumpy pumpkins...

pink flat pumpkins...   

round pale blue pumpkins...

How beautiful they all are in their own unique way.
 Pumpkins are one of my favorite things about Fall.  I wanted to bring home one of each. 

But, alas, I only brought home a few.  Enough to spruce up a corner of my front porch.  

The fun part was getting them home and putting it all together.  The welcome flag was in the Fall basket I won at the ladies retreat.  It ended up being the perfect size to hang on this old chair.  I have a yard flag hanger but I liked the way it looked here better.  The bear I picked up on a trip to Cloudcroft a few years back.  He has a permanent place out here on the patio.

The bigger pumpkin sits between my two patio chairs.

The other pumpkins I grouped into an old galvanized tub.
You see the frog peeking out the bottom?

The mums were on clearance at WM.  I bought a few for the church planters and kept one for myself.  I set it in a old rusty enamel pot.  It makes a perfect planter.

Even a scarecrow found a place in the mix.

The first of the falling leaves have made their way to my yard.

This ceramic kitty has been a faithful companion over the past few years. She likes to be outside where she can see all the comings and goings

We've had beautiful weather these past few days.
Cool mornings and warm, sunny afternoons.
I love this weather and I love this time of year.

What's your favorite thing about Fall?


  1. I love the changing colours in the leaves, cosy evenings listening to the wind or rain outside (not so keen when I’m outside too). You have a lovely pumpkin selection xx

  2. Your porch looks lovely decorated with those pumpkins so cosy and welcoming. :) x

  3. What a delight to visit and see your porch so beautifully decorated. I love the changing scenery, the ferocious seas and the wonderful glow of a fire in the stove along with the Winter warming food.

  4. What a beautiful display! Your porch is so cozy and inviting!

  5. Autumn is such a fabulous season, I love seeing the colours changing and enjoying Autumnal walks.
    Your porch and pumpkins look great.

    All the best Jan

  6. I love the leaves and the shades of gold. Your pumpkins are sweet.

  7. Beautiful autumn decoration! The pumpkins are lovely and your porch looks very welcoming.

  8. Beautiful autumn vignettes, Beca - your porch looks like a perfect place to enjoy a fall day! I have a similar ceramic cat - it was my Mom's. Love your pretty pumpkins! Sending hugs xo Karen

  9. Beca, Your blog is so inspiring . . . I need more of your enthusiasm for decorating. I've been wanting to make a few changes, but I just can't get my butt in gear:) I agree about the pumpkins . . . when I was a kid they were all orange, but now they have so much personality, every texture and color.

  10. Your porch is so very pretty Beca! Love how you displayed the pumpkins in the tub. The bearand cat mascots are so cute. My fav fall thing is that the heat is finally ending, ha ha, and the gorgeous display of colors.

  11. I too love fall and I like how nice you decorated your deck with everything. Have a wonderful weekend.


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