February 21, 2018

Family Life

Two doctor appointments

Two dentist appointments 

a holiday


and a new car

all in the span of one week.

 When my kids were little I used to think life would slow down when they got older.  But that hasn't been the case.  We are just as busy now, if not more.

Every week life throws us a different set of  tasks.
Some weeks are slower, other weeks are fuller.
But we manage to get through them,
just like we always have,  just like we always will.

Although sometimes on the full weeks I'd like to sneak in a nap or two.

Youngest daughter attended her junior prom.  She's not much for flaunt or frill. She and her date kept it simple with classic black and gold.
You can't go wrong with that combination.  It's elegant and timeless.

Who says you have to follow trends anyway?

Valentine's Day came and went.  Many flowers were bought.  A dozen roses to be exact.  Sent to dear sons girlfriend of two years, by him of course.  I also recall a giant teddy bear and a heart full of chocolates.

I  opted to buy plants for my two daughters.  This one for our oldest.

This one for our youngest.

Oldest daughter P purchased a new car.  She was still driving her first car that she got on her seventeenth birthday six years ago.  An upgrade was in order and it was comforting for her to have her dear old dad be there to do the negotiating.  That's what dad's are for after all.

The car is not new but it is new to her which is just as good.  Low miles, good price, 30mpg...
and the bonus is the alien green color.   So very New Mexico.

Chicken Pot Pie...
comfort food for this family of five.

In the mean time, I'm out of my curly hair products.  I've squeezed every last bit I could out of them and I haven't  made it to Walgreens to pick up some more.

So while my hair may be a little frizzy and the balance in our checking account is running low...

this week's needs have been met,

 my heart is full,

and I am content.


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  1. Thank you so much!!! It's so incredible to finally be able to communicate with you, Beca! You are a busy mom, and it seems you enjoy it...before you know it our kids are grown and off on their own adventures. I love how you got your daughters those beautiful plants...and that pot pie is another piece of love from mama...thanks for getting in touch with me...diana

  2. Congratulations to your daughter for the new car..
    Sometimes I find nothing to do, and sometimes no time to sit.. :D

  3. Beautiful, beautiful blog with such warmth and charm!

  4. Wow a very busy week and heavy on the purse. Love the colour of your daughters new car and the gorgeous wrist corsage for her prom was a delight.

  5. Hello Beca, it's so nice to hear from you. Yes it seems that some weeks we are so busy and some weeks not much happens. Well you have had such a busy but good week. I love how pretty your daughter looked. How awesome that your daughter got a new car. I love the pretty plants too.
    Take care.

  6. Congrats to your daughter for the new car ! Life is always busy and it is good to be busy:)

  7. You have had a busy week. Your daughter looked beautiful as did her partner; black is always in vogue. Such a pretty corsage, it sets of the dress perfectly. How exciting your daughter has a 'new''s a beauty.

  8. Lovely memories in your busy week, Beca! Life never seems to slow down....even when you think it might! Love the sweet Prom photos and the wonderful bits of family life. Sweet little hearts. Sending hugs xo Karen

  9. Hi Beca, yes indeed, so many events in one week! I enjoyed your post; it's positive and uplifting. Thank you for sharing your family's happy moments and your positive outlook. I like your words: "... my heart is full, and I am content."

  10. What a week, so many great moments! I love the plants that you bought for your daughters..... which reminds me .... I do love that cute little saying you have below about your succulents lol I also love your little heart crochet motifs - they are sooo cute!! I pray you have a wonderful week ahead xo

  11. Your chicken pie looks good. I hope your daughter enjoyed her prom, I remember my eldest son getting ready for his. A suit, shirt etc and then we arranged for a corsage with a beaded bracelet keepsake. We contributed towards the posh car but the girl he went with, though they were only ever just friends, they don't really get on as well as they'd both hoped. Love the little crocheted hearts. Cathy x

  12. Homemade Chicken Pot Pie . . . there's a great dinner menu :) You did have a busy week . . . thanks for the reminder, I have a dentist appointment Monday :)
    Oh, before I sign off . . . Love, love, love your little crocheted hearts.
    They are so pretty.
    Connie :)


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