February 14, 2018

Love is Giving ♥

Will you be my Valentine?

Do you remember those Valentine cards we used to exchange in elementary school?  They always had that phrase written on them.

Be my Valentine!

And there was always some kind of candy taped to them too like a heart shaped sucker.   It was so much fun to pull out our cards and read them one by one from the cardboard box we decorated with red construction paper.  Only to be followed by a party with homemade goodies.

Ahhh, Valentine's Day was fun back then.

In high school I was in NHS and every year we baked sugar cookies  and sold them to the students as a fund raiser.  They were big heart shaped cookies and we sprinkled them with sparkly glitter.  There were three different colors.

 Red glitter meant I love you. 

Pink glitter meant I like you. 

And the third color meant we're just friends but I can't remember what color it was.  It could have been yellow or maybe white.   

We sold them for only a few bucks each but the neat thing was that the cookies would be delivered in secret.  

((Secret Valentine))

We did the baking the night before in the school cafeteria.  The students had all week to place their order and when they did they gave us the locker number of the person the cookie was meant for.  We baked hundreds of cookies (seemed like it anyway) and sprinkled them all with glitter.  We knew exactly how many of each to make.  And when the baking was done we walked down the hallway sneaking cookies in peoples lockers.  

The next morning if you were lucky you would find a cookie in your locker, maybe even two or three, and then you spent the entire day wondering who sent it.  The suspense was big, especially if the cookie was a pink or red one.  A lot of whispering and giggling and note passing went on that day.  More than most other days that is.

A lot of fun Valentine memories.

School wasn't all that bad I suppose. 

There were fun times thrown in there too.

Hubby and I will celebrate Valentines day tomorrow on Thursday which is our regular date night.  Tonight for the family I will just serve Bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato sandwiches with a side of Kale, cranberry and pecan salad and for dessert I am making angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream.  Nothing fancy but it's a church night so I have to keep it simple.

It's always nice to receive a valentine but LOVE is GIVING.

Why not bless someone today with a heart shaped glittery sugar cookie?

 I'm sure it would make their day.


  1. Your sweet reminescences of Valentine's in the days of your youth brought a smile to my day. Love all the little hearts throughout this lovely post. May you and your husband enjoy a most beautiful Valentine's Day. Oh, I do love the sound of Angel Food cake with strawberries and cream. Sounds totally decadent and delicious!

  2. Such lovely memories. My dear Dad always sent me a card in my teenage years just in case I didn't get one. Have a good day.

  3. Hello Beca, wishing you and your family a Happy Valentine's Day! :0)

  4. Happy Heart Day to you, Beca! I love that cookie baking/delivering surprise! So sweet.

  5. I love your Valentines day memories it sounds like fun. :) x

  6. What sweet crocheted hearts and reminiscing tales. I only remember kids at school writing in handmade cards the poem, with altered words - Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you. Also that paper folded game, where you choose a number, colour, choose an initial etc as you lift up the flaps. All to reveal your true love, which considering many people move around with work and marry someone with a different age to themselves, it was never going to be accurate. Fun though. Cathy x

  7. Lovely Valentine's day memories post! Your cookies must be superhit during that time.

  8. Love your sweet school memories, Beca, and all your lovely little hearts. What a nice thing - to bake the cookies and secretly deliver them. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day - your cake sounds so yummy. xx Karen

  9. Beca you have published another delightful and LOVEly post. You're such a sweetie pie:)


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