March 9, 2018

Work Spaces...

When you share your small home with four other people,
your work space is anywhere and everywhere. 

At my house you'll find baskets of works in progress
tucked away in various corners around our home.

Many things started.
 None of them finished.

These things take time don't ya know.

Leaning towers of yarn stacked against a wall.

An array of grannies spread out on my desk.
Odds and ends everywhere.

Full skeins, loose ends, hooks, scissors...
I have to keep close what I might need.

 Messes tend to happen when something creative is in the works.

But even in this sometimes crowded house, no one seems to mind.  They're used to mom having her yarn all over the house.

Although it's not all messy.  Most of my stuff is neatly put away in plastic drawers and tubs in one of my closets.  But when I'm working on something I like to grab what I need and keep it out until I'm finished with it.

 Sometimes it's days. 

Sometimes those days turn into weeks.

 That's when a craft room would come in handy. But it's not to be.  Not for me anyway.  At least not right now.  Every room in this house is taken.  This little abode is completely full.  One of these days I will have my craft room.  One of these days...
 when this nest is empty.

 In the mean time I will do my best to be content with the small spaces I have.  Because as much as I love my yarn, I love my humans more.

Including this little fur ball.


  1. Beautiful...darling fur ball!!! I'm sure your little casita is homey and cozy and welcoming...most little homes are...I have a tiny casita I share with my pup and's full of art supplies and books and is so much like a enchanting...enjoy your home and have fun with your yarn!!!diane

    1. Yes it's very homey and cozy. I tend to like small spaces better anyway. Thank you Diane. You're so sweet!
      xx Beca

  2. In Dutch we say: Creative people don't have mess but ideas laying around everywere!
    Sounds must nicer, doesn't it?

  3. Hi Beca,
    I day dream about having a crafts room too - a specious, bright, neatly organized craft room!
    But for now my projects, yarns, threads and hooks are all over the place too.
    Your knit blankets look lovely.

  4. Oh....I do know. =) The vignettes of your woolly loveliness in your little abode, are beautiful. The sight of all that bright and happy colour does make me smile. LOVE the little chair with the sweet dresses and the pink pretty in progress....'tis so charming!

  5. What a lovely fur ball. One day, like me you may get your craft room. In the meantime, we'll enjoy what we do wherever we are. Love seeing all your crafts, such a sweet looking chair. Cathy x

  6. wow!! so many cute projects.. love your yarn stash..

  7. Such beautiful creations in the making, stunning projects. Your day of having a craft room will come and you will find it isn't such a big deal you still have projects tucked all over the house.

  8. I can totally relate Beca my home is just the same and I live on my own! I have to say though mine is as no way as tidy as yours. I have taken over my sons bedroom and am using that for my office/workshop, I don't know where he'll sleep when he comes home on holidays haha, have a great weekend. :) x

  9. Today I came to your blog from Olga's blog and I find it very sweet and interesting.
    I mostly do quilting projects, and some crocheting, and many times there are scraps all underneath the sewing machine cabinet, quilt tops hanging over the quilting frames and the chair; however, a broom and dustpan take care of the scraps and threads and a few minutes later, all is back in order, ready to begin again. My girls are all grown with families of their own, so I have the extra bedroom for my sewing room.

  10. Cute furball:) Having spread colorful yarns all over gives a home a good vibrant feeling, and most is at home:)
    I have partially converted our guest room into a craft room which is small but even then my WIPs are in all the rooms as I keep working in various rooms unless I need a table for my craft.

  11. Your little work-baskets are so pretty and make a house a home! I had to wait for the empty nest for my own sewing room, too. I used the alcove in the kitchen for my sewing machine and baskets and pretty boxes, like you. Love the little bench with the baby clothes <3 xx Karen


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