March 21, 2018

Story of a Happy Green Tray...

I was only going to look.  

I promise!

I made a stop at our local charity shop yesterday to drop off a bag of food.  They have a food pantry there and about once a month I go in there to drop off a small bag of  groceries.  

Well you know I can't leave without making a quick round.  I spotted this vintage tray in the kitchen aisle.  It was in the corner under a few other plates but I have a trained eye.  I know to look beyond what's on the surface.

It was a little scuffed and scraped but in all fairness, it has been around a long time.  We all tend to get a few love lines on us when we've been around a while, right?  So I wasn't going to hold that against it.  Besides, it was marked 99 cents.  How can you walk away from a bargain like that? 

I payed the pretty girl at the counter (my daughter...yeah, she works there) and happily brought it home with me.

I think it fits right in.
I think it fills this little corner with the right amount of Spring cheer.  It reminds me somewhat of my moms kitchen of days gone by.

Retro vibes,

White and yellow daisies,

and on the first day of Spring...

Oh no, I could not resist it's charm...

So now it's mine...

And I am happy.



  1. You do have a good eye, your new tray looks so pretty, it was made for that corner x

  2. OMG! the tray is so beautiful!!

  3. Hi Beca, oh that is such a cute tray and I love the price! The granny square coaster goes well with the tray.
    Happy Spring.
    Julie xo

  4. That pretty vintage tray was destined to go home with you. One always must pop into an op shop as there just might be a treasure to be unearthed. Your pretty tray is the star in that little corner of your kitchen. How could you not be bewitched by it's lovely charm. Happy Spring to you, lovely Beca!

  5. Lovely tray and nice bargain! The coaster color scheme goes well with the new tray.

  6. Love it! And the retro vibes in general. ;) Fills that corner perfectly. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!! xoxo

  7. Very retro! It reminds me of some blue & yellow dinner plates my mom had with the same style of flower. It looks very nice with the earthenware jar. Nice find ;)

  8. Good find and lovely vintage memories x


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