April 2, 2018


 It was alright to begin with, but now it's better.

I picked up this nifty little plant hanger at Burlington one afternoon while I was in the big city getting my six month mammogram done.  I had been wanting to hang a plant in this nook for a while.

I planned on making a plant hanger out of  yarn.  Ravelry has several cute patterns for crochet hangers.  But when I saw this one at the store I bought it knowing it would save me the trouble of making one myself.

Besides it was only seven dollars which is only a couple dollars more than what crochet patterns cost these days.  And it was cute so I went with it knowing I could tweak it once I got it home to make it more "me".

The cord holding the bowl was just knotted here and there which made it hang crooked.  It came apart really easy and in the trash it went.  I only saved the wooden beads.  Three simple chains holds everything in place.

I think Mr. Fox approves.

And I do too. 
 I know it's not a masterpiece but not everything has to be. 
 Simple is good too.  

I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend.
Happy new month of April!


  1. Hi Beca,
    What a beautiful, colorful little kitchen! You have the knack to bring beauty and coziness to your little nest...
    A comfy place to cook and bake and just sit and have a cup of something tasty! Aren't we so fortunate to have our little homes.
    Enjoy and thanks for sharing your ideas!

    1. Thanks Diane! It's a tiny kitchen but I spend a lot of time in here so I like to make it cozy. Yes we are very fortunate no matter how small. :)
      xx Beca

  2. Oh, I'm with Mr Fox, your planter is very cool. How wonderful it looks hanging at your pretty window.The window with it's sweet curtains, the pretty bunting and all the other whimsical touches is enchanting!

  3. Your planter looks great! Lovely snapshot of your decorated kitchen window:)

  4. This is so cute, and looking very gorgeous in your kitchen..

  5. What a wonderful find! I love how you customized it to be "you"! It's lovely! It really reflects your beautiful, cheerful, and happy style.

  6. A wonderful makeover, it looks gorgeous along with the bunting and the homely touches.

  7. Olá

    Tudo muito bonito, parabéns.


  8. Lovely snapshot of your kitchen, Mr Fox is great, he seems very at home in the new planter. Cathy x

  9. Turned out beautifully! ;) Hope you had a lovely Easter as well....and have a blessed weekend ahead. xo

  10. As bandeirinhas são lindas. Feliz semana.

  11. Hello, thank you for a lovely comment! I do what you do, I also tweak things! That is the way forward! Both plant and Mr Fox look pleased! Anna x

  12. Hello Beca, so sorry I have not visited you sooner. I love your new plant hanger and the fox is just adorable! I hope you are doing well. :0)
    Julie xo


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