June 5, 2018


Well the month of May came and went with a hoopla of hustle and bustle.  May is always a terribly busy month and this year we had a few extra activities squeezed in which made it even crazier.  But it all came and went and looking back now I can say that May, even though it was a whirlwind, was a fun month.

We have entered a new month now and life has settled into a more enjoyable pace.  School is out, the town seems quieter, and there just doesn't seem to be a whole lot going on.  Sometimes it feels good to stay home and not have anywhere to go or anything to do.  It's nice to be able to catch up on chores and do housework.  I don't know about you but I am a home body.  I love being at home and doing my thing.  It's relaxing to me and seems to be just what I need right now.

Even though it seems like Mothers Day was a long time ago, I wanted to share with you what my kids and hubby gave me.  I received a gift certificate to a local garden source.  Oh let me tell you the store was a treat.  The biggest and most beautiful flower pots and the cutest yard decorations.  I could have spent a whole afternoon walking through that store taking in all the eye candy. 

One of my selections was this String of Pearls.  It came already planted in this pot and macrame hanger.  It was like a little package ready to be taken home. I fancied this plant the minute I saw it.  I've never owned a String of Pearls before and it was so different than any of the other house plants I already own. 

We lost a few of the "pearls" on the way home.  It is a bit delicate but once we hung it up and didn't handle it anymore it was fine.

They also gave me this ceramic turtle planter.  I had spied it at Hobby Lobby earlier this Spring and mentioned to my oldest daughter how much I loved it.  She must have remembered and went back for it.  

And I also picked up this terracotta hen from the local garden source with the gift certificate.  Isn't it adorable?  I bought that little plant there too but I'm  not sure what it is.  It didn't have a label and I didn't think to ask the lady.  I suppose it doesn't matter.  It looks good together and that's all that matters.

In my last post I wrote about a wedding our church was hosting.  Well I ended up being more involved than I intended.  Apparently, by their own admission, the grooms mom and the bride's mom didn't enjoy decorating so the bride depended on me quite a bit for a lot of things.  Anyway, her mom made me this beautiful pottery as a gift.  She did an amazing job.  It looks like something you could buy in one of those upscale boutiques in downtown Santa Fe.  I know I say this all the time but I really do love handmade gifts and this one is really special. ♥

I've been spending some time outdoors sprucing up our front patio.  It feels good to be outside this time of year.  I've been doing some planting along with trying to clean up the yard.  We don't get much grass growing in this part of New Mexico so we don't have a green yard, but we do what we can with what does grow here.  It's more of a rustic landscape that we've gotten used to and come to appreciate. 

I hope you're all enjoying good weather and sunny days wherever you find yourself.  I hope you get to spend plenty of time outdoors.  These summer days tend to go by way too fast and before we know it summer will be over and school will be starting up again so let's enjoy it while we can.

Until next time,


  1. Hi Beca,
    What a beautiful little cocoon you have in your home! I understand about loving to be at home...I am truly a home body also. What beautiful gifts you got to adorn your abode. I have always loved the little pearl plant you bought. I've never owned one but might be on the look out! The turtle is precious, as well as the hen...hope you enjoy your summer.diane

  2. You found some great things! I love those dishes! I wish I knew a good potter.

  3. How lovely to visit your sweet place and gaze upon your menagerie of pretty planters. You were gifted gorgeous pretties, weren't you. Love the pearl of hearts hanging in the macrame lovely. It will thrive in that light spot. Love the big planter over spilling with pansies. Your days of summer in your rustic surroundings do sound rather wonderful. Enjoy! I too like no place better than my little home. =)

  4. Lovely gifts from your friends and family!:) I also like to be at home and be happy in my regular routine. Nobody wants summer in our part of the world as it turns really hot but that is about to be over in a couple of days and we are looking forward to much needed heavy rains. It is time to sow the seeds and I am on my job:)

  5. The planters are so adorable!!

  6. Beautiful planters and gifts you received. I am also a home body and love to putter around in my home and garden doing my own little thing. Enjoy your summer!!

  7. I love that beautiful plant and the other planters are so nice. I hope you get to enjoy the summer outdoors. Summer is a nice time to slow down and enjoy things. Have fun. :)

  8. Hi Beca, I am a home body too. There is not much I like better than just being at home and enjoying family, home and garden. You picked some lovely gifts . . . that string of pearls is so pretty and delicate. I am not good with house plants, so I don't know their names, but that one is gorgeous. I have a terracotta hen and rooster that belonged to my Mom, she purchased them in Mexico about fifty years ago and I love them. I have mine planted with hens and chicks that she even gave me the starter for. They have grown so much and through the years I have shared starters from them with so many friends and family.
    Thanks for the loving tour and for being such a sweet blogging sister.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Connie :)

  9. Adorei os amores-perfeitos, são lindos. Tenha um feliz dia.

  10. I would have bought both the hen and the String of Pearls in a heartbeat! I have something called Hearts on a String - also a lovely plant. Shame we don't live closer or we could have swapped cuttings! Enjoy your new great garden additions! Anna x

  11. String of Pearls! What an amazing plant! I've never seen or heard of it before. It looks so unusual and pretty!
    Those are wonderful gifts you got for Mother's Day. And the handmade pottery set is lovely!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind and supportive comments.


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